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[MUSIC] Essence cover girl Viola Davis has definitely been slaying it lately. She was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, giving us a really cute story about sending her mom to the casino. Specifically on Thursday so she would not see her more provocative scenes on How To Get Away With Murder. And speaking of which. I have a spoiler alert so if you didn't watch last weeks episode, put this on mute just for a second. Viola showed off her acting skills with a very shocking and intimate scene with fellow actress Vomka Johnson. And she definitely did her thing, it's evident why she receives an Emmy. Last weekend, Essence along with Entertainment Weekly and People magazine held a party celebrating the return of hashtag Tagged TGIT and our west coast editor, Jena Roberts can talk to a few ShondaLand cast members on the fabulous red carpet. Check out what they have to say about Viola's epic and historic win. I think Viola deserves everything in the world. Hardest working woman in showbiz right now, Viola Davis. I've never been so happy for someone. Obviously she's one of the hardest Working people I've ever met. Her acceptance speech- Was magnificent. It was great. That was an amazing moment. I always feel like whenever Viola opens her mouth, it's a master class in how to give a speech. The pride and the admiration and the gratitude I feel for her, using that moment to say what she said. I just wanted to hold her and just let her know much I love her, and how much her speech meant To me. It was just so heartfelt, and genuine, and kind of extraordinary. What she said was so beautiful, and so moving, and so true. And it was just wonderful to hear her say it. [SOUND]

Why the 'Shondaland' Family Can't Stop Gushing About Viola Davis

Dana Blair recaps a news making week for Viola Davis and we hear from some of her 'Shondaland' peers.