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You know Matt is a great guy. He is good person. That is the one thing that stands out from him than a lot of the other men that I've dated. I've dated some wonderful guys as well. Right, right. But some of the jerks, he certainly is not one of them Matt's issue is that he's very young. He's not 30 yet and learning things and dating me is not easy. You know, I am, people would think comes with, <>Yeah with celebrities so that comes with a whole set of problems. He's dating a successful woman, a much older woman. And so those things really affected me in self-esteem. And just how he copes with everything, may not necessarily be the right way. And that's That's what we are trying to work through. Are you working on his anger issues? Are you working through that together or how do you handle that? Because as you mentioned, there are so many young women that are look up to you and analyze you- Yes. What would be your messaging there? What advice would you give? I think he definitely is working on them in a professional capacity as well and I think that It just depends on where you are. If a man ever, for me, crosses a line, putting his hands on you, that could even also mean to some people, if you feel threatened. I have, in my life, been in an abusive relationship, so I know what it looks like and what it feels like. And our relationship doesn't feel like that, I think when he gets angry he'll hit a wall, instead of hitting you. He'll walk away, or things like that, and so I don't feel threatened in that way, but I am concerned with the way he sort of throws these temper tantrums. But, to me, that's a sign of immaturity. What I would say is, if a girl is dating someone that. Makes them you know puts his hands on her or gets in her face or intimidates her then you should probably leave the relationship. Do you think you might walk down the aisle with Matt? We'll see. We're trying to figure it all out. [BLANK_AUDIO]