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But what grade would you give President Obama. And F. Really? And F. Across the whole blanket in terms of, okay, let me clarify here, would you give him an F as a whole as a president, or for, as it pertains to this movement in particular? Well Because it took this movement for him to actually speak up about black people, for one. But also, he did not talk anything about black women and girls in his speech at all. When black women and girls are the most effected by joblessness, right? He talked about in his State of the Union speech that the private sector has been the highest Of job creation in history. But let's think about who is actually impacted by that job creation and the invisibility of black women and girls in that context. May I have quick grades from you, Donovan? I would give him a C. A C? Yeah, as a president overall. Ok, Cristina? He took mine, I'm going to give him a See because he's Obama, obviously, but I am a little disappointed at his State of the Union address. And he does pick his audiences. He talked about black women and the importance of black women in America at his CBC speech, but he didn't talk about it in front of the entire world. The entire world. Jennetta, what grade would you give President Obama? [MUSIC] I would give his presidency an A. I'm still not decided on how I feel about just the entire eight years. Mm-hm. But as far as his State of the Union address I was very disappointed and I tweeted about Every time protestors are mentioned in this space, in the public space where all of America's watching, we're always compared to the good police officers. Mm-hm. And it disappointed me because if there were so many good police officers, the movement wouldn't even be what it is today. Because of police violence in general in America. I'm not exactly sure how many good police are out there if the number of people killed in 2016 so far is already over 20. And over a thousand people were killed in 2015.

What Grade Would #BlackLivesMatter Activists Give President Obama?

Black Lives Matter activists chime in on how they think Preisdent Obama's term has been overall. You may be surprised to hear what they say.