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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Thotatalicious. Thotatalicious? Thotat. How do you say say it again? Does that mean the vagina is delicious? [SOUND] Is that what it mean? They tell [UNKNOWN] they tata, that is delicious. Tata thoughts was delicious. I thought it's delicious. Cuz that would come from like being a thought so like that tow over there. And holes are everywhere, so we're not talking about everywhere holes. We're talking about that hole over there or over there. So So why would I want to be hoelicious? Over there, or over there. [MUSIC] Give me a minute on this. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, so I- T-H-O-T Then it kinda sounds like they drop off a few letters. So maybe like T-H-A T-A - Licious. L I O U S? L I C O U S? L A C I O U S? Thot Thata Lacious. It's just so much going on. I don't even know how to say it. I don't know. It's ratchet, basically. [LAUGH] Any man can be called a thot thata licious. There are a lot of thot thata licious men. Roaming these streets. Mostly every guy. 85%. Most of them are like basketball players. Entertaining a whole bunch of different women. Too out there with your business. Always trying to be in the mix. Like the classic man but Mix with the classic [UNKNOWN] thot. So that'd be me like I'm classy but I'm also thot at the same time. That's just doing a little too much and we don't need to know all that. Everyone has that one thot, thot thotlicious friend, that kind of when you wanna step out, they're down for whatever you call them. And I might be the person. It's fine. I'm newly single so I got on Soul Swipe. Couple of matches at a time. Wheeling a dealing with this one. Wheeling and dealing with this one. A date over here with this one. That's not that delicious right there. If you get me out on Friday night at like 11:30, I might not that delicious. This was all alone. Like a Sunday morning you know. Like It's suppress. [MUSIC]

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