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[MUSIC]. How you doing Wendy? How you doing? It's nice to have you here to talk about your new novel. Yes. Hold Me in Contempt. And it's your first romance novel, correct? It is my first romance novel. It's my seventh book, and Hold Me in Contempt was a title picked by my Wendy watchers in Facebook friends. Really? Yes. You know, you can't have a big career in entertainment without having people who support it. Your product can be good all day. Mm-hm. So people who supported me, I wanted to bring them into it, so they chose the cover art and they also chose the, the title. And we had a contest. So what made you decide to go with a romance novel this time? So I've never done a romance novel. And I still have little bit more life to live before I double back and do part two to my autobiography. Cheeky and juicy and romance novels take us out of our normal hum-drum lives and transports us someplace else, and I've learned that for years as an avid reader myself. I do enjoy, Danielle Steele, I like Nora Ephron. I like Ephron not that she's necessarily, you know, you know, boom, boom, boom. Sex with the banging headboards novelist, but, Jackie Collins certainly is. Absolutely. And her sister Joan as well has written some interesting ones. [LAUGH] So, you know I like romance novels. Now, Kim Hi in the book, there live themes, you know, infidelity, you know, a little bit of cheating, a lot of scandal. I imagine you sort of like, hubby's asleep. Little Kev's asleep and you're like in a corner like typing away and then. No [LAUGH]. When did, when did you write about these 50 topics? When and where? First I have a writing partner. Okay. You know, and I cop to that like a lot of women don't. Right. You know, people lie and act like they're, they're the ones who were these, these brilliant geniuses. You know, with all this time to write books and - Right. You know, be parents. And you know have a talk show, no. I have a writing partner and we were very, she's an expert at writing books. I am an expert at weaving ridiculous tales. [LAUGH]. So between the two of us that's how we came up with the book. no, there weren't a lot of late nights. Just wanna go back a little bit to talking about cheating and infidelity cuz that's always such a hot topic. And on our current May issue, this is on stands right now. It's about, we have a whole cheating, confession. It's about women who cheated with other men, and women who cheated with women. I, I've spoken openly about infidelity, in the long ago past, in my marriage. And, you know. You said it made it better, right? You know, prior to being cheated on, I think all women say uh-uh, I am too good for that. My parents didn't raise a fool. I've got a good education, I'm a nice looking woman, I make my own money, I'll be damned. And when it happens, you have to look at where you are in your life, and, and how much time you've invested, what you would lose out on and what would be the ramifications. I'll tell you in the four months, this book covers four months in, in her life, in four months her pill popping and drinking spiraling out of control. She ended up getting in terrible trouble with the law and ultimately. I'm not gonna tell you the rest. Yeah don't spoil all of it. But can I tell you something? Yeah. Kim Carne is one of the stupidest girls I know. [LAUGH]. Stupid. There will be, I've decided [LAUGH] since I've been on this book tour, there will be a part two-. Oh great. To this book. So her story continues. Yes. Our readers love you, and we're glad to have you, and we're excited to curl up under the covers and get into. Thank you. And contempt.

Wendy Williams Talks Juicy New Novel

The fiery talk show host dishes on her first romantic novel and it's filled with scandal and temptation.