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Today on Essence Live, Cassie spills the tea on her costars from the new film The Perfect Match. We see how well Brandi knows her own hits with a game of Finish the Lyrics. And exactly what does it mean to be tatatalicious? I'm thinking they talking about Popeye, and it's delicious. But right now it's the Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. DJ Khaled. He went on Ellen this week to talk all about the major keys to his success. And if you follow him on Snapchat, you know that those keys are a fresh green lawn and lion, and of course that good old cocoa butter. But Ellen also wanted to know one more very important thing. Now, you say they a lot. Who is they, what do you mean, who are they? Please Ellen, stay away from them. [LAUGH] Stay away from them. I wanna know who they are to stay away from. They is The person that told you you would never have the Ellen Show. There is that one person in that room when you get a raise, and that one person in the corner be like man, I hate that person. You know what I'm saying? They are the people that don't believe in you. You know, that say that you won't succeed. You know what I'm saying? [APPLAUSE] So we stay away from that And you know, they never wanted me on The Ellen Show, and look at me. I'm on the Ellen Show, you know what I'm saying? [APPLAUSE] I missed the number one show, mama I made it! If you were thinking U.S. attorney general Loretta Lynch was a shoe in as the next Supreme Court Justice, think again. The department of Justice released a statement this week saying that Lynch has asked to not be considered for the position because it would quote Quote, curtail her effectiveness in her current role. The vacant spot on the Supreme Court has been open since mid-February when conservative justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly during a trip to Texas. All right. Now after Kim K posted a selfie showing off just about all her goodies. The internet thought it was the perfect time, I don't know, to compare her to Ayesha Curry. So this whole **** versus Madonna thing still exists apparently. Well here's what happened when Chrissy Teigen alerted her friend to the madness. @AYESHACURRY I hope you have security because every man tryin to get them a you today hahaha. To which Ayesha responded with laughing crying emoji @CHRISSYTEIGEN I don't even know what to say. I guess I can't say anything actually because I'm an adjective of some sort. And now Amber Rose and Pink have jumped into the mix. Dear sweet baby Jesus. Is the backlash to Kim K's selfie just more slut-shaming? Is Pink right in saying that women should hashtag up your real worth? And what in the world does it mean to be babbalicious? We're taking your comments and talking to Cassy, next. It's Thursday March 10, and Essence live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. Now, this [UNKNOWN] dashing new selfie debate has reached almost epic proportions. We're still trying to figure out why people are shut by anything can buzz. But whatever. But now, pink is being called the slut-chamber for shutting out women who both use their brains, strength and work ethic. And Amber Rose is jumping to [UNKNOWN] defense. Weren't they just beefing yesterday? I can't even keep up anymore. Well, we asked you on our Facebook page what you thought and of course you did not hold back essence family. Pamela Porter says Kim K was by no means **** shamed. She is insecure and lacks self-esteem! She's not empowering women but posing nude. They are selfies for god's sake. And Charlotte James agrees. Because Pink, who did not call Kim K or Amber, just posted a open letter of her thoughts and opinion, it's shaming. These people are not allowed to own their own opinion. You must go with the hero or face the backlash. And we'll do one more One more from Kai Mciver who wrote, "Kim can do whatever she wants. But I'm just tired of seeing her naked body. Her app made millions of dollars last year, but nobody knows that because her **** is always naked. I respect the woman's hustle, but put on some damn pants and a shirt. Lol. Well, all right. Well said Kai. But speaking of **** shaming and our new series, just saying, we asked men and women alike to explain a term that has a lot of love and hip hop fans Scratching their heads. What in the world is Thotatalicious? Check it out. [MUSIC] Thotatalicious. Thotatalicious? Thota thota, how do you say it again? Does that mean the vagina is delicious? Is that what it means? [UNKNOWN] it's delicious. Hater thoughts was delicious. My thought is delicious. Cause that would come from like being a thought. So like that toe over there. And hoes are everywhere. So we're not talking about everywhere hoes. We're talking about that hoe over there. Over there. So why would I want to be like ho-licious? Over there, or over there. Give me a minute on this. Okay so I, like. T H O T. Then it kinda sounds like they drop off a few like letters, so then be like T H A T A Dash Licous L-I-O-U-S. L-I-C-O-U-S. L-A-C-I-O-U-S. THOT-THATA-LACIOUS. There's just so much going on. I don't even know how to say it. I don't know. It's ratchet, basically. Any man can be called a Thot-thata-licious. There are a lot of thot-thata-licious men. Roaming these streets. Mostly every guy, 85%. Most of them are like basketball players. Entertaining a whole bunch of different women. Too out there with your business. Always trying to be in the mix. Like a classic man but Mixed with a classic man [INAUDIBLE] so that would be me I'm classic but I'm also [INAUDIBLE]. That's just doing a little too much and we don't need to know all that. Everyone has that one [INAUDIBLE] friend. That kind of when you want to step out they're down for whatever, you call them. I might be that person, it's fine. I'm newly single. So I got on SoulSwipe. Couple of matches at a time. Wheeling, dealing with this one. Wheeling, dealing with this one. Date over here with this one. That's [UNKNOWN] delicious right there. If you hit me on Friday night at like 11:30, I'm like [UNKNOWN] But on Sunday morning, it's [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] I like that. Hit me up at 11:30, what's going on? You're watching Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. And joining me now in studio is singer, model, and now actress, she's stars in the new film, The Perfect Match, Please welcome Cassie Ventura to the show. Hi. Welcome, welcome. Thank you. It's so good to see you. Good to see you too. You've been such a good sport. We've been hanging out. Yes. I've been learning a lot today. There's a lot happening here on Essence Live girl. So as you saw we were discussing the whole Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, the **** shaming if you will. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on that? Well, I've been talking a lot about it recently because of the film that I have coming out tomorrow, the Perfect Math, and there's a bit of a twist in it where my character plays more of what the typical guy would be, and she just wants a casual sexual relationship which I think in most situations, that could be **** shamed at the end of the day. But i don't really have thoughts on that particular situation. No no I totally understand. yeah. And as you mentioned, the Perfect Matching comes out in theaters tomorrow. And you star opposite Terence Jay. Now what was it like having him as your love interest as well as your boss? Because he is an executive producer of the film. right. He, you know what, Terrence is one of the most supportive people ever, and I've known him for a long time. When he was at BET doing 106 & Park he would interview me when I would put new music out. So it was so crazy to see use fast forward, actually I think he posted a TBT today, throw back or whatever. Of us hosting together on 106 and Park. Awesome. It was like years ago. But he's really supportive. Always wanted to make sure that I was comfortable, and obviously the romantic part or like the intimate parts were there. But just made me completely comfortable. Yeah I've seen some steamy scenes there. Yeah. I mean you go from coworker buddy buddy to like, okay, now I'm going to kiss you half naked in a pool. [LAUGH] Right. How does that work? How do you make that transition. Well, there is no transition. You just do it once they say action. But yeah, I have to say that at the end of the day with a scene and situations like that You're not in love with somebody, you're just not in love with them, and then at that point for this film, or anything you do acting film wise, you can make it work. That's what it is. So, take it seriously. Obviously you're nervous but it's work. You gotta go forward Yeah Now, did you and Diddy he have any conversations about it before you did the movie like, okay I'm gonna have some romantic scenes with Terrence. What was that conversation like? Absolutely. I mean, I believe in communication with anybody, any and everyone. Even my mom [LAUGH]. I had to tell my parents about it too. You're gonna see something, mom. Yeah, you're about to see something. Brace yourself. [LAUGH] But she actually saw it yesterday. Yeah She was, supportive, her and my father. I just told him he had to close his eyes and stuff like that. But yeah, Puff actually didn't, Terrence was really nervous, and I was like look maybe we should speak to Puff, cuz Puff was so laid back. And he was just like, hey, like You guys gotta make it believable. This is a movie, this is your job. Let's sell this movie. It's acting. It was my first big role so I wanted to make it real. What's one thing that you wish someone would have told you before you took on the lead actress roll. Wow. That's a heavy position to be in. It's a heavy position to be in but I. Feel like, everything happened pretty quickly. I went, you know, Terrence called me with Hanley from Flavor Unit and he was like you want to read this script, do you want to audition and I went out for it just like everybody else and our chemistry was great but after that everything went pretty quickly so we were Filming within a couple weeks after that. Awesome. So yeah as far as preparation went it- It was just like let's just go. Yeah and I think I feel better about it being that way because then I didn't really have to think too much beforehand and I could just go. Just go through it. Yeah. Now in the film Lauren London's character, she plays a bridezilla. Yes. While preparing for her wedding. Yeah. What type of bride do you think you would be. Is marriage in your future? I would hope you know honestly I grew up my parents are still together they've been together for 34 years Wow I like admire them so Congratulations much we were talking about it yesterday. You know I've always believed in the sanctity of marriage and Of course, every girl wants to get married at some point. I would hope it's in my near future, my future. Would you be a Bridezilla? I would not be a Bridezilla- Any bridesmaid contracts? [LAUGH] I don't think I would have any bridesmaid contracts. Loren and I were talking about it on radio the other day. And she's like, I'm so not that. And I'm like, yeah, I don't think I am either. But it's obviously fun to get on your wedding gown, and get down. [LAUGH] So we where also going to have some other members of the cast join us, but due to scheduling conflicts they where not able to. I like a little fun game to play, but, now that we have a little girl chat time, we can do a little something called spill the tea. Kind of like a hot seat questions about the movie, and kind of what happened behind the scene, because here at Essence Live, we always like to hear what happened behind the scene, we want to know. So, out of the fellas on the film, Terrence J, Donald Faison and French Montana, who would you kiss, marry, kill? Wow. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Just a little fun game to just jump right on into it. Lord. I would Married? Terrance? Okay. There's no wrong answer, girl. You know me. Kiss Donald and kill Fridge. Fridge is my brother, so we can't have any- Fridge is like what? [INAUDIBLE] Like what. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] All right so which cast member do you think is the most likely to have sex in public? My word. [LAUGH] And not confirm or deny anything. Right. I would just go ahead and put myself in that position, no I'm just kidding. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No I've never really had deep conversations with anyone like that except for the girls. And I'm not gonna spill their tea. You're not gonna spill their- have you ever had sex in public before? No. [LAUGH] What had happened was, okay. [LAUGH] Which cast member constantly flubbed their lines? I wasn't there every day with everyone. Cuz when you see the film, I'm kind of separate from everyone. I'm trying to think. I think everybody did pretty good, cuz we were living a real situation. I can't really say. Sorry. Okay, that's fair enough. It's political. Well that's fine. Which of your cast members could you see voting for a Republican in this year's presidential election? Nobody. Nobody. You heard it here Essence live. [LAUGH] I would hope nobody. Nobody, nobody. Message. Okay, which male cast member is most likely to slip a little tongue to his female cast member during a kissing scene? These are like really like, I could get myself in trouble with these questions. I don't know anybody well enough. It's okay we'll just call them creased behind their back, it's fine. All of them. All of them. [LAUGH] She said all of them. All of them. Did Terrence slip you any tongue? No, no tongue allowed. No tongue allowed. No. Well there we go. All right, well that's all the The round robin questions that I had. That was fun. That was fun, that was easy. Thank you so very very much for stopping by. Thank you for having me. You're welcome back any time. Let's hang. Any time for a little girl chat. Yes. All right, so make sure you head to the movie theater tomorrow, March 11th, to catch The Perfect Match. [LAUGH] Recently I caught up with Brandy to talk about her latest single, Begging and Pleading, and to see how well she knows her own song lyrics. Take a look. I want to play a game with you. Cuz see, you're family now, so now we're gonna go for the good stuff first. Go for the gusto. Okay. This is called finish the lyric. Finish the lyric, God. But it's your lyrics. My lyric. It's your lyrics. God. I'm gonna read the first line and then I'd like to ask you to finish the lyric, you can sing if for me Okay. Maybe kinda sorta. Okay, first one. Just for the sake of my daughter, tried to stick with the plan. [BLANK_AUDIO] That's thank you. I know this song, but. [BLANK_AUDIO] For thing, a left hand. Right? Yes, yes. But I don't know the first part Part but I had to get rid of the weight. But I had to get rid of the weight, yes. Okay, all right, so you warming up now, you warming up, all right. I'm warming up, I'm warming up. Here's the second one. Give me some Donnie Simpson. Give me some Donnie Simpson. No, give me some Donnie Simpson. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] That's all I got. I want to know the lyric to that. It's from turn it up. Video soul where I got my first- Video soul where I got my first attention. Yes. [LAUGH] It's okay it's okay. And here's our third one But now that you're gone, I feel so alone. All I do is think of you until the day you return, it doesn't mean a thing. I don't know that at all. What's a sunny day. What's a sunny day without you? Just another 24 that passes by. Passes by. I know that. Yeah. So that was. Know that lyric, yeah. That was the finish the lyric part. Yeah that. > > Okay enough of that. [LAUGH] We should not have played that game. it's okay. It's okay. [LAUGH] But it's a good segue into some new music. Yes. Begging and pleading. I can finish them lyrics. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Yes. It's a phenomenal song. It's a new sound for you. Thank you yes. And we've all been waiting for music from you. Thank you. Talk to me about it. What made you put this piece out? I believe in it. I really believed in it, and I thought that it was the perfect time because my fans, they'd been waiting for awhile. And I have this record for a minute, and I was a little bit nervous to put it out before. Why? Because it was so different. And I was still in that space where I didn't want to disappoint anyone, and I wanted it to be right, but, I've gotten to a point where I don't really care anymore. I care about it meaning something to me and connecting from a place of truth and honesty. And that's a true story, it's what I've been though and I felt They need to share it. And so we're going to hear this journey of Brandy on this new album? Absolutely. And when does that album come out? I don't call it an album. I call it a movement, and I don't want to say when because I've said when in the past And I've gotten social media. Yes it's like fans have been very angry with me for not sticking to the plan. And things move around- That's right. and you don't have control. But I'm here and I'm very very focused on this music being true to my heart and true to me to just express myself the way I want to. When are you going on tour because your fans want to hear some Brandy? When are you going on tour? Let me pull it all together and then I'm gone get on out there on the road, yes. Okay. Yes, yes. I have a lot of plans. Can I have a pinky promise? I know I just talk about people holding [INAUDIBLE]. For sure. Okay. I'm serious. You promise. [INAUDIBLE] Okay I feel like when fans come up to you and they're like Brandy you've touched me and changed my life. It shocks you. Or takes you aback. Is it still after all these years and so much success and awards does it still kind of take you aback when somebody says you carried me through a moment in my life. Absolutely, and I pray that that never changes because it feels amazing and then in feels like, I don't have the words to really describe that and I don't know, maybe it's a humility that's come with so much of what I've gone through and a period of time when I wasn't as grateful or as appreciative for things that were happening because things were happening so fast Just being able to reflect and look back, I'm just so thankful for everything and I don't take anything for granted, so. I think it's a little bit humble. And it's like I don't. Then it's the word that I can't really come up with to describe what that feels like. [NOISE] yesterday at the bar, guy literally goes hey OJ show me the money. I was like really you stupid mother. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live I am your host Dana Blair. YOu know I'm here every thursday doing what I do. But we at Essence live aren't limited to just this studio.l We are also out and about covering events, getting celebrity interviews or just talking with you on the street to get your thoughts. And of course comments on current events. recently our LA correspondent, Alicia Renee spoke with Alicia Campbell to find out the future of Mary and Mary. We'll take a look at that in a second but first WE caught up with the stars of the new TV show Underground, to find out why a show about Slavery still relates to today. We found this letter that was written by a girl in 1856, and she was talking about this. [INAUDIBLE] Exactly. Yeah, and she was talking about this. This idea of to run or not to run. She was debating that. And for us, I think that kind of cracked open the character base for our series. Because you look from a modern lens and you're like run, run, of course you run. What are you doing? Right. And just what she was talking about. Her entire family was there, she'd never stepped foot off this plantation. And I think that's when we start slowly really started to be like, okay, alright. This is it. I'm actually blown away even to see the opportunity to do this. Absolutely. I feel like at the end of the day, we need this not only to be seen but to recalibrate, to have a different perspective on slavery This show hopefully will continue to ignite and bring some type of pride to what we do. Who we are I mean as African American. And with all of things that have been going on with police brutality, with inequality that is still going on. It's very- the timing is perfect. We're still going through those things, in 1857 until now, which is very disturbing but I think because these characters aren't victims, they are the revolutionaries. It's a great reminder, and it's going back to the core and the base of who we are to say there is fight It's in who we come from, and what they fought to to get to this point. We know that reality TV can bring some tension into a marriage. I don't think it's the reality TV. Okay, that's fair. I think before you get on TV if you are not connected, the TV will show stuff that you didn't know. And so you have to be committed to conversations. What I, me and Tina did with our whole family before we said yes to reality TV, we talked to everybody individually and we were like I need to know how you feel and where we are and are we good, is there some kind of feeling about what we do or, you know what I mean, what's up? You know. Don't say something on TV that you ain't said to me in real life. After each season me and Tina would have to sit down and have a come to Jesus Baby she will be pissed, or I will be pissed. Like you ain't ever seen no. And I think in marriage and a relationship and even friendship and sometimes there's people that come together in shows. They don't know each other, they come together for the sake of the show. And so they don't have history and they And they don't have love for each other. So they take and jab, that's why we can do those reunion shows. We've never done a reunion show, cuz after we finish filming, we still family. Yeah. So you can't come together and ask me about something and I'm still mad, cuz I worked it out. What can we expect from this season? People watching the first three episodes, they may be a little upset. What can they expect to see? Give us some [NOISE] Well I guess the bottom line of it is I want Mary Mary right now and she doesn't. Okay. I had time to do my solo thing. Burn it Tina. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Sorry y'all. You just had the sidebar. [LAUGH] Get it together Tina. Continue. And we're back. And we're back. And we're back. Settled. She's doing her solo thing and it was all last year and she said she was going to take a year and then we'd be back. Well now she's taking two years. And I'm like, that ain't what you said. Yeah. The label's not happy about it. You know people get wind of it and try to manipulate the system. Yeah. And maybe remove a Mary. All right. So it will be pretty interesting. Okay. But at the end of the day we are family. We love each other. We stick together. We're going to get [INAUDIBLE]. Look. She got a little. We gonna get this out, this gonna come. [LAUGH] I can't say when. I wish that thought, I thought it would be in tandem with this season. But, That would've been great. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hey, what's up, y'all, I'm Trevor Jackson, and I play Kevin LaCroix on ABCs American Crime. And one of the hardest things for me to shoot was the scene where I was on the phone with Nikki, who was the girl I was talking to. And I was really just kind of taking in all of the hardships of being interviewed by the police, potentially going to jail. And yeah, it made me dig into a place in myself that I've never had to go before. You should watch American Crime, why? Because it's awesome, why? Because I'm in it, no, I'm kidding. It's a great show, and it really just breaks down the walls that I feel like so many people put up. And it breaks down judgement, and it just shows the real that people are afraid to talk about. And I feel like everybody Can relate to it and understand it, and also watch it. [MUSIC] Yo, yo, yo, it's your girl Kiki Palmer, and you are watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. Our Black Girl Magic moment of the week goes to N'Naserri Carew Johnson of Atlanta. The 17-year-old was honored as the Dreamer of the Year, at Disney's annual Dreamer's Academy. N'Naserri was picked by her peers of over 100 high school students who attended the event last weekend. She has served as class president for three consecutive years, and has founded two service organizations. That's where she calls herself a raptivist and performs spoken word and wants to "effect change in communities world wide." Congratulations Nasaree. We're proud of you and remember. You can watch essences original black girl magic documentaries right here on All right now, I'm your host Dana Blair and I will see you next week. [MUSIC]

This Week on 'Essence Live': Cassie, Brandy, Erica Campbell, and More

Cassie stops by ESSENCE to talk "The Perfect Match," Brandy plays 'Finish That Lyric', and Erica Campbell dishes on a Mary Mary reunion is not in the works.