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[SOUND] Today on Essence Live Halloween edition, we'll talk last minute Halloween costumes with style expert, Tai Beauchamp, actress Sonequa Martin-Green Rene from The Walking Dead will join us for a little game of celebrity mad libs. We have Slade or Shade, and right now I have a treat, if you will. Please welcome, in studio, Meko and Vince. Essence Live start. Hey, how are you doing? This is Niko and Vinz and this is our new song That's How You Know. You are big city living. girlfriend like Eva Mendez, until your side chick called you up saying she might be pregnant. Now you're alone and crying [MUSIC] What's up, what's up? Welcome to Essence Live. Don't turn your dials or your for your mobile honey. Yes this is me with hair. We'll hear more from Niko, and Vincent, and Few. And if you like the performance please use the hashtag essencelive, let us know what you're thinking out there. All right so Halloween is this weekend, obviously, we're coming up with last minute costumes. Please welcome TV personality and founder of, Miss Tai Beauchamp. How are you? Hey, love bug. Hi my love muffin! Hi! It's so nice to have you back! Thank you, it's always good to be back and it's nice to be back with a 'fro if I do say so myself. Yes, yes. You feeling it? Tell me about your You costume. I love this fro- Okay, well who am I? You get- Pam Greer. Pam Greer, right? The fox, mm. The Foxy Brown number one, so. It's out of my closet because it was very last minute- It's beautiful. And it was just the jeans, and a shirt that you just tie at the waist. A great fro, which I paid I think $20 for and threw some boots on. Easy and go. Can you guess who I am? Well I really am thinking that you're a sexy jail-bird. Well, the glove. I'd call myself a dirty mime, but the producers are gonna get mad at me. I'm just a mime. You're just a mime, okay. You're a little bit dirty, I could see the mime. Okay the gloves, right I get it. Cute, I like the sequins because I think the idea of what we do with Fashion in Halloween costumes is that we have to bring a little bit of our personality Right. Pizzaz to it too. The sequins, I'm loving. Thank you. Cute. Thank you very mucho. [LAUGH] All right, so now we're just gonna go ahead and jump right into it with a few of these last minute festive costumes. So number one we have my girl, Flo from Progressive Insurance. [LAUGH] [NOISE] Flo. So tell me a little bit about this look. How do we create this? Well, it's very, very easy. If you have a white pair of bell bottom jeans or white jeans period, you have a white apron. And we literally just got The press-on letters [CROSSTALK] Hm-mm. I think they're $3 a pop at Michael's or [CROSSTALK] Yeah. Any craft store. You have the blue head band. You add the bob wig, a definitely Flo-ey wig. Hm-mm, hm-mm. And then you just go with it, but it's super easy. It's festive. And you still get to be you in some ways, but then you step into someone else's You know, kind of image [UNKNOWN] That's super quick and easy and that's very, very fun. Don't forget the red lip too. Need that red lip and the fabulous smile. Georgius girl. I'm gonna start Essense [UNKNOWN] girls and [CROSSTALK] I love that. And last minute contest number two, black panther activist. Come one out. This is- I love this is. We're kind of channeling the same person in some ways. Right, right. But all you do is you dress in all black. So your black jeans, your black turtle neck, your black mock neck, your moto jacket, and then a fro and you want black sunglasses of course. Add the gloves and you're good to go. I think everybody has this outfit right now. I would wear this actually everyday Even if it wasn't Halloween. No absolutely. So you totally would but I think the other cool thing that we did here is that we added the buttons, right? So you wanna personalize it. You can go a little fun and funky with it. You can actually overdo it if you want, just to make a little bit more of a power statement. Damn. There we go. And our third last minute costume. Our obsession. [CROSSTALK] And I love this one, Miss Cookie Lyon. Cookie. So how do you do Cookie? Oh, just with fear. I think with most of it is attitude and fierceness. It's attitude and fierceness. But the other things that you just wanna be all over the top. Mm-hm. So you have on the glitter shoes or the sequin shoes. You have a black dress. Take a faux fur overcoat or jacket Add the leopard too. And then of course you want to add a purple or a blue lip and then. And the glasses, I mean, look, she is working cookie. See that attitude and that fierceness? Okay, all right we see you [INAUDIBLE] for Amani. [LAUGH] We see you [INAUDIBLE]. Okay, so what are you gonna be for Halloween? Tai Beauchamp. No? She's like, hi, that's me. Actually, no, I was thinking I was gonna go with this for Halloween, but since I debuted it here, we'll have to do something else. Last year, I was Janet Jackson. On the, we did a whole mix of last minute costumes as well, that are all empowering. So, I might switch it up and do a I don't know, who am I thinking? Madonna maybe? Mm-Hm. She's on tour right now I believe. Rosy the Riveter? I don't know, I think I'm going to do something that's all about being in power because I want to be me but step into a different me of sorts. I love it. Thank you. Thank you so much Thai for joining us. Always good to see you. Always welcome back. Thank you. Please check her out at Her new site, new look, new feel, lots of new ideas. Yes. She'll be joining us a little bit later for Slayed or Shade. But coming up, trick or treat. [INAUDIBLE] With those cuties who opened our show Nico and Vince. But first we caught up with Sonequa Martin Dean from The Walking Dead who showed us how fruit punch is her weapon of choice when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Our new version of celebrity mad libs. Take a look. [MUSIC] Place. Disneyland. Item chainsaw. Item number two, fruit punch. Favorite song, shoot what is my favorite song? I'll take you there, Staples Singers. Type of vehicle, Mustang. Sexy [LAUGH] My husband might be watching. I'm breaking the rules. I'm putting him. Sexy Celeb number two, Marilyn Monroe. Verb, dance. Okay. Are you ready? Here we go. The apocalypse has hit all over again and I wake up in a Disneyland place and I'm all alone. Panicked, I grab my chainsaw and my fruit punch. [LAUGH] And I begin to look for other survivors. While battling through zombies, trying to avoid other crazed survivors, I sing. [MUSIC] To myself to keep my cool. I decide to hijack a Mustang. [LAUGH] When I suddenly spot two other survivors [SOUND] Kenric Green- Hi, baby. And Marilyn Monroe. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Woah. Yes. This apocalypse isn't that bad. Then finally I realized the Mustang only has enough room for one other person. So I must choose only one sexy date for the apocalypse. [SOUND] The decision is so tough that I began to sweat dance. [MUSIC] I sweat dance. [LAUGH] But I know I must keep moving and choose Marilyn Monroe. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] gets infuriated And launches toward us so I take the fruit punch and I knock him out and Marilyn Monroe and I escape. Bet you ain't never used fruit punch to knock somebody out. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Powerful. [MUSIC] By Design. Welcome back to Essence Live, Halloween edition, obviously. Halloween edition. Nico and Vinz joining us back in studio. How are you? Really good. Thank you for participating. Definitely, it's Halloween. Can you smile for me? [LAUGH] Can you share with us your grill? Yeah! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] All right, y'all are technically Essence family, just so you know. We are now. We dance with you the office. Yeah. You came to Essence Festival, but I don't know if you heard that we are doing Essence Festival in Durban, South Africa. We just made that announcement starting next year. And of course we know your connection to the continent, how do you guys feel about that? That's a Amazing. [LAUGH] Amazing. It's amazing. Huh. [LAUGH] Amazing. Agreed. Are we gonna see you guys there possibly, maybe? Hopefully, if you give us that call, come to [UNKNOWN] We're not gonna say no. You're not gonna say no. No. So [INAUDIBLE] about the new album. Our new album is called Cornerstone. Actually there's a EP coming before that album. Okay. It's coming out November sixth. The album will be on top of the year. The EP has five songs on it, including our latest single That's How You Know. Right, that we saw you perform at the top of the show. Exactly. And yeah, November 6th it is out. And it's a mix of us, you know me and Vinz we are so many things. Like you said, we have African roots, and we're also Scandinavian, and we've been rapping a lot before. So just like our previous album, we're gonna bring a lot of those different elements into our music. But still we feel like, with this sound that we have now, it's very genre blind. Cuz we feel like this generation that we're in right now People listen to all kinds of music regardless of what race they're from or gender or whatever. We just like good songs. With the streaming services and all these easy to access different music. At your fingertips. Yeah, so we feel like now that We want to release an album with just good music. Yeah, what Nico said. What he said, co-sign, co-sign. Yeah, co-sig. Yeah. So did that's how you know you [COUGH] up, where did that come from? No, you gotta answer it first. [LAUGH] No, No, I'll tell you, you can't take me serious with that. I can totally take you serious. Let me see if I can take my. Hello, I'm dress as a mime. Yeah. But I can't be talking, I kept be drooling and stuff. [LAUGH] Nico said yeah. [LAUGH] But that, you just look French You know? Yes. You look good! Because it's not like, you look like- A little zhuzh? A little something? Flava Flav ro something. A little something something? So where did That's How You Know came from? That's How You Know came from just like having fun in the studio. And, you know, we just singing around, playing around and all of the sudden we started singing. Mm-hm. That's how you know you messed up. And just like randomly we had fun and we joked about it, and then was like hey, let's try to record it though. Uh-huh. And so we did and it's like, this is kinda cool. Okay, since you took off your Halloween costumes and you left me to fend for myself. Sorry about that, yeah.. But you good, it's not the same. Yeah, yeah, lies, lies. It could be your outfit, it could be what you came here with today. You are just, oh girl. No, no, stop trying to make up for it. We're gonna play a trick-or-treat game. All right. So This is my little smoking jack o lantern. So this is the way it works, you're gonna pull a question out of the cup. I put my hand in there? You can totally put your hand in there. Okay. It make not come back the same, but you can totally put your hand in there. And there's either a trick or a treat. Whatever it is. If it's a trick, you have to kind of like do it. It's like Truth or Dare, but if it's a treat you have to eat Answer the question, it's like a really juicy question from one of our audience members. Okay gotcha. Okay, you wanna go first? I can go first. You can go first okay. Cold. [BLANK_AUDIO] Oh my god. What is it? What is it? You have to read it aloud, we're family. Yes, you gotta show us how you do it on stage. What is it? The stuff that you do on stage. Show us your sexiest dance move. Oh get it. You're used to showing off on stage, you got a dance going, you gotta do it. I saw you, you came and danced with us in the conference room. Yeah he can do some stuff. I got moves, but sexy stuff? Do your stuff where you do the thing. Do your thing. Stop it. This is a treat right? That was a treat. Okay, bring it. [LAUGH] Okay. Oh, Lord, have mercy. He's putting on a beat and stuff, okay. Okay, is this where I'm going, the camera? [MUSIC] Oh, go Nico, go Nico. Go Nico, go Nico. Oh, hey, hey, hey! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But the shirt has to be a part of it, your shirt's a part of it? Yeah, that's always what he does. The shirt is always a part of it? Dance competition on our show. Okay Vinz, your turn. [UNKNOWN] to win every time. Oh, you have to win. [LAUGH] You have to tell us if it's a trick or a treat. Oh, wow. Is it a good one? It's a treat. It's a treat? Yeah. Read it. What is your favorite type of foreplay and why? [LAUGH] Okay,, I see you. All right. Let us know. You ask the juiciest questions. You guys This is- lame. Our ladies love you guys. Yeah. And so they send them in their questions via social media. Yeah, you know. What do you expect? Cater, let's cater to the ladies. Let's go. What do you expect? I like to take care of a woman. Are you blushing? Let's not. I'm not blushing at all! [LAUGH] I'm not blushing at all! [LAUGH] He's like, no, not at all. Okay. I like to take care of a woman and make her feel. Comfortable and satisfied. That technically did not anser the questions. What you want me to say. But were gonna move on anyway. [LAUGH] So, we have time for one more, who wants to do it. Okay, should we [UNKNOWN] Maybe it's a two for one. It's our last one. What is it, trick or treat? Demonstrate what you would say or sing to a woman To make her blush. Is that a trick or a treat. That's a treat. Are they filling it with treats Diane? Say or sing. Yeah what you say? Oh look at him. [MUSIC] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And that will be the whole thing- That would be it? Yeah. That is your answer right. [LAUGH] Well, thank you guys so much for coming and for performing with us. Slayed or Shade is coming up next, don't go anywhere for more Essence Live Halloween. Queen addition. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Stand out, by design. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live, we have had So much fun thus far on our Halloween episode, but now it's time to go all in with a new slay or shade. First let's find out who's joining us today to slay these hot topics or throw a little shade. I got my wig y'all so I can really toss my hair today. She was here a little bit earlier. Give, Giving us tips on how to create a last minute, but super fierce Cookie Lyons costume ensemble, Miss Tai Beauchamp. How are you? I'm' great. It's so good to be here. Are you ready for the slay or shade? I'm, listen, I'm all about slaying. Okay? Slay-o-city. Yes. I'm gonna give you hand gestures [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Next we have a Slater Shay regular, media personality Mr. Ray Holiday, he's back. How are you? What's up, how are you? How are you feeling? I'm good. I owe you a cup of gumbo. You do! [CROSSTALK] I'll make gumbo for everybody. Okay, thank you. Help my boo out. [LAUGH] Thank you for joining us. And next, we have a newbie to the Essence Live sofas here. Reality show star if you will, hot topic of all the shows as well as an artist, Mr Miles Brock. How are you? I'm great, thank you for having me today. Okay, now I have to ask you there's a lot going on social about Status of your relationship. What can you share with us? Without giving too much, you guys just gotta [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] You know we have to ask all the tea, so. So what can you spill? I don't wanna spill too much without spoiling things, but you know, with having a relationship in front of the entire world, and being put under a microscope, it makes things hard. So, you know, we're just kind of going through a. So, are you together, or no? We're just in a foggy moment. We're in a grey area. I know them foggy moments. Yeah, you know it's a little grey. [LAUGH] All right, so my at home panelists. And those of you who are work, and we won't tell anybody, please use #essencelive. Let us know what you're thinking. You could join the conversation. So, let's get started. In an all new tell all book, Beyonce, or excuse me, becoming Beyonce, the untold story, Johnathan Hay, former publicist. [INAUDIBLE] Rihanna says, he leaked the Jay-Z/Rihanna affair rumor back in 2005 to create hype around Rihanna's first single, Pon De Replay. In an email sent to the Daily News, Johnathan said he has since apologized to Beyonce and Jay-Z and I quote I didn't think would be this big story he said, but now seeing Beyonce on the cover of this book and knowing that people are going to profit form speculations and opinions about her really turns my stomach. So what do we think? Count of three, slayed or shade, one, two, three? Oh, it is shade all the way. [LAUGH] Yeah. All the way. Ty, I'm gonna start with you, why is this a shade? I mean, it's shady because you can't say it all after the fact, you did it. But what I will say is that I wonder whether or not Jay knew about the leak. Uh-huh. Because. Mm-hm. Rhianna's, and he stood to profit- His profits. As well from the album selling. Right. Absolutely. But, you know, you can't say that you're sorry about it after all these years. You know, once you put something like that out, it's out there. Right. Right, right. Right. The internet was here! Oh! And I have to add a little twist to that myself. [LAUGH] I was reading on the way over that I believe Johnathan is now an employee of title. [NOISE] [CROSSTALK] Okay, okay. Ray, you had a shade. You see, that's why I shaded it because I also read that he's now an artist So, and he's releasing his music exclusively on Tidal. Well, was. And then that same article he says [LAUGH] Well, now I hope that Jay and Bey. My relationship is not ruined. Johnathan, look right here. That relationship is ruined. [LAUGH] It's done. I hate to tell you, I'm gonna send you an email about it. It's all over. Over. Miles? I feel the same way that she feels. It's already out there. Once you put it out there, it was just shady. It's shade, it's shade all the way across the board. I kind of feel bad for Jay-Z because he's a celebrity, he's an icon. Right. So many fingers are being pointed at him. And he's, but I really didn't do this one. That's right.>> Who's gonna believe him? You know what I mean? And I agree with that, but that's my point. The fact that John Johnathan put it out there. He had to go to his boss first. Absolutely. As a publicist, he had to get sign off on [CROSSTALK] So I don't know, I mean. It's shady all the way around though, because, you know. And these days you never really know. The truth, I mean. You never really know. You never really know. Okay. Johnathan, find a new label. [LAUGHING]. Next up, just months after Miss NeNe "Bloop" Leakes announced she was leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta, she's coming back. NeNe apparently made a surprise appearance in Jamaica where her former cast mates were filming their season 8 trip. According to sources she only made the brief come back because producers reached out to her Due to lackluster storylines from other housewives. Alright now, y'all. We all know how reality TV works. Miles, I'm going to need you to chime in. [LAUGH] Okay, guys. On the count of three, is this a slayed or shade? One, two, three. Slayed? Oh, so shade. There's always [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Okay Miles, I'm gonna start with you on the reality team. Let's go. You know what? My thoughts is, it just shows [UNKNOWN] as [UNKNOWN] they need her. They need her. so that's [UNKNOWN] right here. They added new cast members this year, they have What's her name? Kim Fields? Yeah. I kind of feel like she doesn't really know what she walked into there, to be quite honest with you. How could you not know? I know right, I'm sorry. She's probably like, what? Is this for real? And I love Kim. I mean, I thought it was Tutti. So anyway, but. I'm just saying. Okay Ray, I see you over there dying to get in on this one. The show should be called mini leaks and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cuz she's carried that show for seven, eight seasons. And then they said it was about money? Pay her what she's worth at the end of the day. Everybody's storyline last season was about her. Right. So I'm not surprised that there are no storylines. They barely had storylines to begin with. Uh-huh. It's kinda hard to imagine Housewives without Linnethia Leakes. Linnethia, yeah. I love saying that name, I love saying that name though. When you think of the entire franchise across the board you think of Nene. You think of Nene. This is true. That's true. And Ty, why this Lashay? Okay, so I think it's Slay for NeNe to be able to go back and obviously like you said, she's going to make a lot of money from this. I mean she's done well after leaving, she's going back she's going to make a lot fo money. I think the shade is if I recall correctly and I don't watch Housewives all time, but I have seen a few episodes I've heard her say that she was past that. So the fact that she was beyond that not too long ago but now going back, that's a little bit shady because she threw her cast mates under the bus before. That's fair enough. Miles, would you go back and do another season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood knowing what you know now? Yes. I would. That was a pause. Differently. Situations have changed, but yeah, I would go back. What would you do differently. You'll have to wait and see. [LAUGH] No. Molly, we are daydreaming right now. We're still in the middle of the season. I've got to save a little bit. Y'all going to be like oh, he going to go back without Well, let me ask you this are there certain things that you would choose to leave off of camera? So would you be a little bit more curated in going back and doing a season 2 or be careful? You know what I'm an open book. You guys have watched me. I'm open. I'm all out there. It ain't no more secrets I mean so it's You're taking the leap off the cliff, honey. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] You already went there, so I don't know- No more secrets. I don't have no more secrets. My secret, hey. No more secrets from me. Fair enough. It is what it is. All right, our third topic,well actually before we get to our third topic I'm gonna I'm going to check in with you on Facebook family, Wendy Stewart said and I quote, I thought she was done with that, and she didn't want or need that drama. Better be careful before you burn down those bridges. Okay [INAUDIBLE] I'm just saying Wendy. They're on your side, thank you for your comment. Next up I'm sure you all are aware and have seen the viral and very scary video of Officer Ben Fields violently flipping over a student at her desk and dragging her across a classroom. All in an effort to arrest her after she allegedly would not get off of her phone. Yes, I said arrest after not getting off of her phone. Officer Fields has since been fired however, the incident continued to be fodder for media outlets. Most recently The View co-host, our girl Raven Symone suggested that Officer Fields and the student he slammed were both at fault. Take a look after the The View via The View's YouTube account The girl was told multiple times [CROSSTALK] To get off of her phone. To get off the phone. There's no right or reason for him to be doing this type of harm. That's ridiculous. But at the same time, you gotta follow the rules in school. First of all, why are there cell phones in school? This shouldn't even be a problem to begin with. And he shouldn't of been acting like that on top of it. But [BLANK_AUDIO] We all a little speechless, we all like hold up. Alright so I have to ask slayed or shade one, two, three. We have shade, shade and shade. Miles I'll start with you, why a shade? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with cell phones in schools like okay everybody has cell phones these days. The fact that he put his hands on a child and drug her out like that, that's absolutely absurd. He had to take her to the ER. Yeah, that's absolutely absurd. Like I don't care what's going on. I don't care if she had a knife in her backpack, she shouldn't have been drug out like that. That's crazy. I completely agree. Ray? I'm only from one continent, Africa, so I might not get her view, cuz she's from several. That was a subliminal, did you all catch that dot com? That was a subliminal. I think that what she thinks might be differently. I think that amount of excessive force is always just, he flips her upside down, And then dragged her. And why are there cell phones in school? The same reason why people are opening up gun fire everywhere. Your kids have to be prepared. Now, I don't agree that they should be scrolling Instagram during school but there are ways to People without putting your hands on them. And that was the wrong aspect in any given. I think she's trying to compare and contrast, and you really can't. You can't compare her being on the phone to her being flipped over and dragged out of the classroom. I couldn't imagine being a kid in that classroom. How? What? I mean And when I saw the video, I was watching it this morning, I saw the video and it was so hard to see the students behind them looking at this happen. Because at that point you feel assaulted. Right. Right, right, right. You're in my classroom, taking away time from my education because a young lady didn't get off her phone, attacking her. So the shade For me is, I, Raven is a very smart woman. She's not, she's not ignorant. Right. No. Um-hm. But I think that what Raven does is she uses her platform to get attention. Agree. And I think that her comment was really about her getting attention. Agree. Opposed to using this platform To say look that was wrong. And then if you wanna talk about education later, and our education system, and the problems that we have in our education systems, that's a different conversation. So I just feel like it was a little bit of a sensational answer. So all of you are kind of in line with maybe Raven sometimes She should just be using her platform for more good versus evil. If you will? And it's not even about good versus evil. It's just like It's about the need to be the shock jock of the show. Thank you! Exactly. Thank you. And that means more to her than addressing the issue. So she'd much rather get those ratings For them, and you're really going to end up being the joke at the end of the day. Right. I just want to know what the young ladies parents are doing, cuz I know that was [CROSSTALK]. It's a lawsuit. Yeah, a big lawsuit. It's a lawsuit though. Oh, definitely. I mean, it's definitely a lawsuit, and I think the sad part about it is that Why do you call a police officer in for an eighth grader who's sitting at their desk? And he's a police officer/football coach for the school called Slam I heard. Wow. And I heard his nickname is Slam. Mm-hm. That's what rumors have. Mm-hm. Wow. Amazing. This may not even be the first person, the first child that he [CROSSTALK] slammed. [CROSSTALK] Well, he had extensive history- Oh, I didn't know that. He's done this several times in different ways. So why is he even working at That's cool. Okay. Wow. Okay. Well, thank you guys, all of you, for joining me. Ty, Ray, and Miles, thank you so very much. Thank you. Thanks for having us. Next week, we are going to continue this conversation with our guest Iyanla Vanzant. And she's going to help me get my life! [LAUGH] And we encourage you all to join that conversation on our social media channels, using the hashtag #essencelive. So thank you to all of my guests today. And, of course, our wonderful viewers streaming us live. Have a safe fun and fun Halloween. I'm your host Dana Blair, see you next Thursday. Bye!

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