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> Black Family Taboo. Here's how it works, we've got two teams. Dasheena you'll be with Essence's editor Regina. > That's what I'm talking about. >. Erica you'll be with Tiana. Moss bells, raise up. Moss bells. [LAUGH] We got boss belles. I'm from the south, so I kind of got to roll with it. We've got the queen from Queens. All right. On the monitor here in the studio we will put a famous black family. They can be real or fictional. And you have to get your partner to guess who it is. But here's the catch. Just like with Taboo, you can not say their real name, or their fictional name, or any of the forbidden words I'm gonna give you on my little card here. We will accept the name of the TV show as the correct answer. Good! That's good. Okay? Here's an example. So if we put this picture of the family from "Blackish" up on the screen, some words that might be forbidden, or say maybe Rainbow, or Tracee Ellis Ross, or something along those lines, or twins, or you could just say the name of the show "Blackish" to Or you can say the Johnson family. Okay. Does that make sense? Yes. I helped to clarify? Okay, all right, I'm playing the referee. We so got this. So no cheating. So no cheating. I got butterflies. All right. All right. Loosen it up. Control room, can I get 60 seconds on the clock, sil vous plait? Don't be nervous. Sil vous plait? On the clock? Did you feel that energy that she just put into my shoulder, though? On the count of three. That's voodoo, ma. If you'll look at the first card And you're ready to guess? Ready to guess. Okay. All right. Ready. On the count of three. One, two, three. First one. Okay. Okay. This is a very famous family with very eccentric children. They have. Okay. One was in. The woman within, with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt that movie, that action movie. That action movie Mr and Mrs Jones, Jones, wait no Smith, Will Smith, Smiths family, Will Smiths family. Okay, this on was, they are a Fictional family that likes to eat and Klumps.>> Yes, okay, this is a family that is very ghetto fabulous and it's new And it deals with singing and things like that on a network. NetWare. Yes. Okay. I can't say the name. Okay, this is a seasoning Is popular in India. This is athletes- Ten seconds. Doll! No, we were just talking about her today. Because you wouldn't be messing with her. Okay. Three, two, one. Okay, the [INAUDIBLE]. [SOUND] [CROSSTALK] Buzzer. [SOUND] [CROSSTALK] I like Jamaican food. Chicken. You have so much too say. [CROSSTALK] You did well. You did well. We got four? You got three. We got three! You got the Smiths, the pumps, and the lions. Okay, team change, places! Good luck! Good luck with that! Places! God I'm so nervous! I'm so nervous! [LAUGH] Don't touch me! She's trying to put a weed on you girl! She tried to put a root on you! Okay, which one? Regina All right, we're gonna count to three Okay Okay? Ready? One Two, three! Okay. Uh-oh. He had his face on a cereal box as a famous- What! Little boy, and it came on a long time ago. Webster? No- [LAUGH] My god. I love a girl- Good luck with that. She's living with two kids- What kinda clue- What? Are you- Come on! How about So she to the actress that did her,s he's fabulous. How bout a little slower Mom. She's obviously a beautiful woman. yeah. It was on ABC. Wow. And family. 30 seconds. Can somebody [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] You might not move fast, but you move.>>Oh, my God you showed her the card.>>You don't lose the game, you.>>Win.>Okay. You don't move fast, you move.>>Oh, my God.>>You move?>>Can we move to the next one?>>Slow.>>Slow.>No you can't.>Did I say it? You said part of the day. Go to the next one. [LAUGH] Hush. Cheating! Ten seconds. What happens [UNKNOWN] Winslow! [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] He's a rapper, she's a- [SOUND] What? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] 60 Seconds. What she had it. She didn't have it. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Yeah. It's okay, we love you. It's okay, you lost. That's all right. You lost. Come closer, come closer. It's okay, it's okay. Don't touch me. Erica, come close to me, baby, come close to me. You're a mean person. It's okay. So Erica. We need to tell someone, hey But you know what, Erika, Tiana, you did a wonderful job. Yeah, we whoop hard. [CROSSTALK] That was tons of fun. If I could put, let me turn it up. [CROSSTALK] We got enough points for us and y'all. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Watch Tichina Arnold, Erica Ash & Teyonah Parris Play “Black Family Taboo” on 'ESSENCE Live'

How well do the ladies of “Survivor’s Remorse” know real and fictional Black families? Watch the video from this week's episode of 'ESSENCE Live' and find out.