Have you ever thought to yourself: “Oh man, I wish I knew what it was like to go to prison, but I also want a night out. What do I do?”

Then this little Koreatown town gem in Los Angeles is everything you’ve been looking for. Upon entering, you’re arrested and sentenced to dinner and drinks.

Apparently, the owner wanted people to “enjoy” an experience they wouldn’t have anywhere else. The woman in the video said that while jail isn’t a great place to be, it is a “daring” place to be. [Insert several eye rolls.]

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It doesn’t get more daring than a photo booth and that’s one of the things the woman in the video boasts about giving “prizoners” a more authentic prison experience.

What’s authentic are my thoughts on this crazy idea. Check out The OverExplainer Reacts video above for the hilarious reaction to what is surely an abomination.