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[MUSIC] So tell me a little bit about the first look you created. I call it the adult ponytail. You know, we all love a super slick, sleek-back look, right? Yeah. I have her a super-deep side part and I created a little tension with some product. And in my brush. And even on both sides. And secured it. With a bobby pin, you can use a rubber band. On both sides? On both sides mm-hm so you create a lot tension by securing it either with the bobby pin or a rubber band and then on the top you just kind of give it a nice little flat iron with an ark so you're starting to build your volume without having to back comb. Nice. Yeah, and then just come blend it all in with a very light hair spray. And then what about the back? So the back was just nice, smooth, and cleaning. Perfect. [MUSIC] For my second look so it was a transition of bringing summer in. And to fall, so what I did is I used a three-quarter sized curling iron and created twist curls all the way, from the nape basically to I'm gonna say your eyes, leaving the top, you know, kind of straight and smooth. And then I used a Denman like brush to brush out my curls. Typically you would kind of finger out your curls but in order to get kind of like the weightless airy curls I prefer to use a brush, followed it with a beautiful light hold hairspray and, And these styles seem very easy. Super easy. Super easy, provided you have the right products and tools. And a lot of fun, you know, it's definitely something you can do yourself. Very nice. And the third look? So the third look was my take on a, look that I loved from the runway, which is kind of this side roll. But instead of doing a roll, I wanted to incorporate, a twist so I did a. Two strand twist a traveling twist starting from the back all the way up to the top and gave her kind of that side swoop and incorporated it all together. Great, well sounds like we're run way ready. I think we are.

VIDEO: Top Fall Hair Styles To Try Now

Tippi Shorter, Aveda's Global Artistic Director For Textured Hair, shows us the best must-have styles to get into this fall season.