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[MUSIC] Hi guys, I'm Virginia [UNKNOWN], assistant online media editor for And today, we're gonna talk about an issue that's been plaguing the digital [UNKNOWN] world for far too long. We're talking instagram brows. You've seen them, they're foxy, they're bulky, and they just look completely unnatural. [MUSIC] Anyone who knows me, knows that I consider eye brows to be the most important part of the face. So today I'm gonna show you how I get my filler brows What products I use and different techniques that you can use to execute the same look. To get the look you could either use a powder based product, a gel based product, which is my particular favorite, a pencil, or you can also use a palette. It's basically a powder though or the newest thing, brow mascara. This one is a little bit trickier but I'm gonna show you how to get it using the [UNKNOWN] products. [MUSIC] So your brows should start right at the inner corners of your eyes, so if you draw an inner line upwards that's where your brow should start. Going from your arch, you wanna do it based on the outside of your iris. And then the edge of your brow should be from the outer corner of your eye. Starting off, you're gonna lightly coat the tip of your brow brush. And then you're gonna start at the base, gently drawing a line. It should be barely visible, it's really just giving you something to work with. [MUSIC] You're basically just outlining. And I'm only gonna start with the bottom. So if you see, I have a light line there. Then I'm gonna go ahead and hit the outer corners of my eye, keeping in mind that it should end at the corner of my eye. So, you're just gonna draw a line down. [MUSIC] Now of course, I recently did my eyebrows, I waxed them myself. If your brows are not so clean you can still follow this same regiment but you'll finish them up and clean them up with some foundation. Once you've done the face and sort of outlined the outer edges of your brows, you're gonna go ahead and flatten your brush like this. And then you're gonna pull up from the base. I like to sort of do a sweeping motion towards the other side of my face, just so I make sure that I get some color in there. Reminds you, I'm keeping it very very light, so super light strokes. And I'm gonna go back in, coat my brush again And hit the top. [MUSIC] I'm sure you've seen on instagram, sometimes your brows will look drawn on. Almost like they've been painted on. You want to avoid that at all costs. Once you've sort of done those sweeping strokes for the other side of your face. You're gonna just pull the color straight up. Then, I'm gonna grab my Qtip and sort of clean up the excess so I still get that like feathery look. [MUSIC] So, one brow is done. [MUSIC] So, you're just gonna do sweeping motions just like you would do on your eyes. [MUSIC] And pull down. [MUSIC] If I want to have them a little bit more [UNKNOWN], I'll literally just wax the bottom and the leave the top a little bit bushy. [MUSIC] Make sure that Your brows look even. Clean them up with some clear brow mascara. If you have an excess color at the top of your brow, just go ahead and run a Q-tip along the top of it just to make sure that it's Clean up if you wanted to clean up the edges, if you haven't waxed your brows in a while you can always use, I like to use an angled brush, dip it in my concealer, and run it along the perimeter of the brow. And there you have it, done my brows. [MUSIC]

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