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[MUSIC] If you're looking for a fun way to make your eyes pop, try a colored mascara. [MUSIC] The trend that we're seeing in eye makeup is colored mascara. There's so many fun options, and I'm just gonna share a few of my favorites. Forst up we have Clinique. Clinique does this Chubby Lash, which is actually a volumenizing Mascara in four really cool covers. We have this teal. There's this really pretty burgundy color, or wine. And if you can see the wand, it's really gonna separate and give you the volume that you want, with a pop of color. There's a nice plum. And then a really pretty navy. And then Ciate has these cool lash tip colors, and they're called LashLights. These you apply just to the tips of your lashes, as the name suggests. It comes in a navy, a teal, and a hot pink. And let me show you what the wand looks like, cuz it's actually a little cone. So it's really easy to apply just to the tips of your lashes. There's a fine side and then there's a side that's a little bit wider. And it'll really give you that separation with the color just on the tips. So if you're Little bit intimidated to try this trend, you may wanna start here because it'll just give you a hint of color on the tips of your lashes. This one is a personal fave, it is Lancome Grandiose Mascara. It's a classic formula for them but They've done it in this really pretty cobalt blue. And as you can see, the wand is pretty cool. It gives you like a really ergonomic handle which you can use to really separate your lashes with this pretty blue color. If you're as obsessed with This Benefit, their real mascara as I am, you're going to be so excited about this tinted version. It comes in three different colors and this one is a personal favorite. It's the perfect blue shade. Some blues can read a little bit odd but this one is really pretty. And if you're super daring, You're gonna wanna try this NYX Color Mascara. And the cool thing about this is you know exactly what you're gonna get. It's this exact color of the tube. It's gonna add a nice lime slash pear shade to your lashes. Pastels are actually really big for the fall. Don't feel like you have to wait until the spring to try this color. And there you have it. A whole wardrobe of color mascara options to choose from. [MUSIC]

VIDEO: How to Wear Colored Mascara

Colored mascara isn’t just for the spring season, try these vibrant mascara options to liven up any season.