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Hey guys! It's Deena, Hair & Beauty Editor, and I have the fabulous HeyGorJess sitting next to me. She is awesome. She's been doing hair forever, and she founded HeyGorJess. Yes. [LAUGH]. So, we're gonna talk today about how to dye your hair with. With eye shadow. Yeah. It's a big trend right now and it's a great way to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals that dye usually has, is that correct? Yes. Definitely, yes. A quick way. It's easy and it's not permanent. So, you don't have to worry about greasing or dying it. Especially if you want to. Funky colors like blue or pink. And it washes out whenever you want to, and it can last about two days, too. So, two days? Okay. And so if I'm headed to the beach and I want to look cool and fun, throw it on there on my curls, and then, Yeah. It'll last me throughout the whole day. And the rest. Exactly! Apple will last. Yeah, for about 2 days, and then if you wanna wash it out you just use shampoo or a cleanser, so you don't have to worry about the commitment and, like you said, the damage. So, I hear that a lot of people like the cream base versus the powder base eyeshadow because the cream base sticks and lasts longer. Yeah, yes, the cream base kind of sticks to your hair, whereas the powder. It just lays on top. And it come off on your clothes or own your skin. And it only last me a few hours as opposed to a few days. Oh. Okay. Yeah, yes. That's why I like the creamy one better. So what colors are you into for 2014. I like, I love blue. That's my favorite color, teal blue. So I love that. And I also like. Purple. But with all the differnt colors they have, you can do purple. You can do pink, green. Even green looks really good. And even a gold one if you want, like, a natural look cuz it kinda looks like blond highlights. They have a gold color, too. Okay. Sound good. Yeah. Well, let's go. Awesome. [MUSIC]

VIDEO: How To Get Eye Shadow Highlights For Natural Hair

Finally! A chemical-free way to add highlights that won't damage your curls.