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[MUSIC] What we're going to do now is a fish tail braid. It's a very elaborate hairstyle, however it's very simple to do. First, you wanna brush the hair through smoothly, depending on if you want texture or not. If your hair is curly or wavy and you want texture. You can definitely embrace that. If your hair isn't long enough, you can always opt to use some clip in hair extensions. Just clip them in on the ponytail and that will give you the look you want as well. First, we're going to brush the hair and pull it into a nice ponytail. The best way to create the perfect fishtail braid is to first put the hair in an elastic. That's gonna give you the support you need if you're not a master just yet. You can put it in an elastic and that'll be good for you. Once you have it in an elastic you can pull it to the side [MUSIC] And then, split the hair into two. And the unique thing about the fishtail braid, is that you're going to split the hair into two. And take a small piece of hair from the outside subsection, like so. You're gonna take that, and bring into the center. And then you're gonna do the same thing to the other side. Remember it's just a face tail braid so don't over think it. You're gonna bring that in like so as well. If you notice now the rhythm begins. You're going to take another small subsection and bring that in. Take another subsection and bring that in. And keep repeating. We're going to make a song. Subsection, bring it it. Another subsection, bring it in. Another subsection, bring it in. Nice and small. And you can make that tighter as well. If you want it to be tight and full, bring it tighter. If not, you can make it loose. And messy. This is a fun style, so you don't have to make it so, so intricate and make it whereas you doing homework. You just want to have fun at the evening. But notice I'm bringing it in. That's the key. Take the small subsection and bring it in and also remember, keep the same amount of hair. Bringing in that you took from each subsection. You don't wanna bring a big Y piece from this subsection and a small piece from this subsection. Notice, if you can see, about this much is adequate. [MUSIC] And keep bringing that in. This elastic will be cut in the end, so we don't have to worry about that. So it won't show or anything. And we're gonna just keep bringing that in, take a little piece, bring it in. Hit me with the song. Okay. Follow me. Take a little piece, bring that in. Take another small section out to end. Out to end. Out to end. Out to in. See, it's very simple once you get the hang of it. And I would recommend you practice it three times. I'm gonna show you so that you can remember. But you need to get involved and do it yourself so you'll never forget. You want to secure the end with an elastic, as well. And what's. What's good about this is if you have a nice rhinestone brooch or a barrette, you can use it, or something that complements your outfit. Put it on the end. Then what we're going to do, after we've secured it, we're gonna take some shears. And just snip. And be careful. Make sure you don't grab any of your hair. Snip it. Pull it to the side. Separate it. Pull it. Make it fun and fat. And even if you have bangs, you can swoop the side. Or if you want side bangs, you can take a part out and swoop it as well. That's gonna give you your fishtail braid, and remember to put the elastic in the beginning because that's gonna give you the support you need and then snip it in the end.

VIDEO: How To Create A Fishtail Braid

Celebrity hairstylist, Seven Washington gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a fishtail braid at home.