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[MUSIC] Hello Essence. I am Seven, a professional hair designer from Washington DC, and today I'm going to show you how to create some nice braids for your Autumn look. You can change your day look into an evening look and go and celebrate on the town. First, what we're going to do is show you how to make a headband braid, keeping the hair sleek in the back, and taking braids and going across the front. Follow me as I show you this simple, easy tip. And don't over think it. Just have fun with it and be your most gorgeous you. First, what we're going to do, is we're going to separate the hair, pulling it back. And making a parting right where your eyebrow is. You wanna do that, move the hair out of the way, and then take the hair back behind the ear. Do as much as you like, or as less as you like. If you want to have a nice. Thick headband, then you want to do more hair. If you want a nice, simple, sleek headband, then less. Less is more. First, what we're going to do after we've separated the hair and comb it through, and if your hair is wavy or you like texture, you can embrace that as well. We're going to part the hair into three sections. We're going to take it and braid it. And you just want to make a nice plait. It doesn't have to be tight. It doesn't have to be strong and full, because we're gonna have fun. Remember, we are changing your day looking into evening. Or we're just giving you something fun to go out to have dinner, do some things with your friends. Me and my lovely model, she's so beautiful, she's actually getting ready for the evening. So we're going to give her something to take out with her man. Shh. After i've braided to the ends you can see, what you can do is take an elastic. To secure the end. Now what you do to this side, you're gonna do to the other side as well, so that you have a nice balanced style. And if you want, you can do side partings or center partings as well. Now remember, we're going to go right above the eyebrow, and part on this side as well. Then what we're going to do is go right behind the ear. And that's gonna give us a nice braid as well. Now, we're going to have two plaits. One on each side. Again, separate the hair into three subsections. One, two, three. You got that? Then we're going to braid each section into nice sleek little plaits. And if you want them to be full, you can always separate them in the end. I'll show you that once we get there. Let's not put the horse in front of the carriage. Now that we've braided the hair, we're going to get down to the end and we're going to also secure it with an elastic as well. The reason we like to secure it with an elastic is because we don't want the hair to unravel, while we're placing it in. Taking our elastic, we're gonna secure the ends. Mia do you mind looking at me? Oh you're so beautiful. [LAUGH] And we're going to take a bobby pin or a hair pin whichever fits your hair texture. And we're going to go around the front to create the first braid. And we're going to tuck that and go around. Notice how we now have a nice. Headband, and you wanna use as many pins as required for your hair type. Remember, don't over think it. You're just going out for the evening. Then you're gonna take that other braid and also secure it, and remember, as much as you need. So we can go inside, and secure there. And we can secure again here, just so that we have enough strong support. And when you're done, what you wanna do is take the other braid, come over, create a nice headband. And secure. One of the best ways to make sure that your hair is secure is to move and shake. And make sure that you have enough pins to secure your hair. You want to have two types of pins. You want to have a hair pin that is an open end, and then you also want to have a bobby pin. And that is the closed end. And that's going to give you secure. The bobby pin is going to be able to help to give you that security. The hair pin is going to be able to help and tuck and move any of those imperfections. And you want to make sure that the same is on both sides so that your hair looks balanced and nice. Then also remember the move and shape. Move your hair for me. And shake it. Yes. And look down. Tilt down. Yes, you wanna be able to do that, so that you know that it's stronger. You can come back for me there. So that your hair is strong and then what you can do is take your hair, pull it around and if you want it to be a little fuller, you can always tease, pull it apart, just to make sure. Look at me. [INAUDIBLE]. And you're ready for the evening. Quick, simple and easy. And remember do not over think it. It's only just something fun and exciting for the evening.
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