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[MUSIC] It's time to talk hair removal. How do we know which one is best? I'm gonna give you the lowdown on what's new. [MUSIC] So let's start with the small areas of your body first. Let's talk tweezers. Tweezers are great when you are using then on your face, whether you want to get your brows, that upper lip or even your chin hairs if you have any of those. Don't be ashamed. We all do. I like the Tweezerman tweezers because they come in these fun patterns and they're so cute but they're really sturdy. They last for a lifetime and they don't get dull. Next razors. We have so many types of razors to choose from. But this one's my favorite. I like this because this little swirly ball. [SOUND] Is great when your going over your knees or your ankles. So you don't get any nicks or cuts. This is a Sphynx Razor it's great for travel and fits perfectly in your suitcase. All you do is take the top off, You have your water, simply turn, you have your soap, and your razor all in one. So, you don't have to worry about taking any kind of shaving cream. [MUSIC] Let's talk depilatories. Depilatories are lotion or cream that help you remove help. My favorite are the ones that you use in the shower just because they're easiest to use. This one's my favorite from Gigi, it's super affordable, and it's great because it's actually made for the shower. [SOUND] Let's move on to waxing. So waxing we usually do at the salon where we spend a lot of money, and it can often be painful. This is my favorite wax from Nair, it's their new roll-on wax. All you do is pop the roll-on in the microwave. Roll the wax as you take a strip and peel it off. So you don't have to worry about the messy gunk of all the hot wax. [MUSIC] Let's move on to epilators. Epilators are my preferred method of hair removal. They do seem scary. [SOUND] But, the good thing about an epilator is, you only have to use it a few times a month. Basically, what it is, is it's a bunch of tweezers that rotate, and they pull the hair from the root. So you get that really smooth feel. But it does irritate at times, because it's literally pulling Thirty plus hairs out at once. This is the famous NO! NO! [SOUND] The cool thing about the NO! NO! is that it doesn't use any kind of laser. It uses heat to get rid of the hair. I like to use the NO! NO! in small areas like your hands or even your arms. But just be aware that you will smell a little bit of a burning smell when you use the product. But don't worry. It's not burning your skin. It's only burning the hair. And that's the technology behind the product. It does not hurt. This is the illuminage precise touch. [MUSIC] This is my personal favorite. If you want that permanent hair loss, you wanna use an at-home laser. it doesn't burn your skin and it actually will provide long term results. This is the first one approved by the FDA for brown girls. The only thing about a laser is you don't get the results right away. It will take a few treatments for you to see that permanent hair loss. And then, once in a while, you'll need to do a few touch ups depending on how hairy you are. These are some great tools that you can use for hair removal and they're all safe to use anywhere including your face. [MUSIC]

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