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[MUSIC] Do you want dewy, luminous skin? Well, start strobing. [MUSIC] First of all, what is strobing? Strobing is simply high voltage highlighting. You wanna start with your moisturizer. This one is great, because it has pearl essence in it. So it's automatically designed to give you a luminous finish under your make up. Once you moisturized pick your formula of high lighter. You can either go with the liquid this is the easiest to use when strobing because it will also give you a doey finish. Or if your skin is oily, you wanna go for a powder and pick the right color. For brown skin something with a little bit of burnt orange or copper in it is great. Or something that has gold undertones. You wanna strobe the areas of your face that the sun will naturally hit. So your brow bone, the inner corner of your eye, down the bridge of your nose, your cheekbone, and your chin. And also your cupid's bow. Apply the highlighter with your finger. Just a little dab on each area. [MUSIC] And then you're gonna take either a sponge, but if you use a sponge make sure you put a little bit of water on it to make it damp so it'll help blend a little bit better. Or, you can use a fan brush which I'm gonna use. To blend it all in. [MUSIC] You can dab in the highlighter on your cupid's bow and on the inner corners of your eyes. Since the fan brush. Doesn't really work well there. [MUSIC] And there you have it. Dewy, luminous skin all year round. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About Strobing

Get dewy, luminous skin once and for all with these quick strobing techniques.