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[MUSIC] We have Vanessa Williams. She made history in 1983 when she was the first African American woman to be crowned Miss America. Just two months after Vanessa was crowned she made history yet again when she was famously forced to To resign over nude photos that were published without her consent. Though Vanessa dubs her Miss America experience as her rock bottom, last Sunday she returned to the Miss America pageant as head judge, where the event opened with a public apology to Williams from pageant CEO Sam Haskell. Is this a slay because Vanessa was the bigger woman for coming back to the Miss America pageant as head judge? She was able to mentor young women who stood where she once stood and she received a long overdue apology. It's kind of like the icing on the cake or is this a shade? They stripped her crown years ago and she was given 72 hours to resign she shouldn't have returned to judge for them. All right slayed or shade panel what say you? One, two, three. Slayed, slayed, seemed kinda slow there, slow with that plague. Yeah. [LAUGH] All right [CROSSTALK] Honestly I'm very confused on the definition of the slay and shade part of it. My opinion on it is that the apology was way overdue. Mm-hm. And in this day and age that we live in, if pictures get leaked without your consent, it's like, oh wow, you know what I mean? People are not losing contracts for them, they're getting praised. That is true. So how many years ago it happened and it was not her fault. Over 30 years ago. They did that to her and I think it was horrible and they took too long to apologize. I think it's amazing that she went to get her apology, so that's I guess that's what? She shows that she was the bigger person. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, so I think that's good. It's always good to be the bigger person. So what was that? A slayed or shade? You, just [CROSSTALK] You know I love you, just put it down. I think we all agree [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Because she was a bigger person. Yes, yes. Your thought? I need to be first because [CROSSTALK] We'd be a really good Family Feud team. We gotta switch seats. We're gonna have to rotate these seats. [LAUGH] Cuz I know you want your chance, too. [LAUGH] She was a bigger person to actually go back because people could have easily been like, you know what? I don't want your apology, I don't want to deal with it. People can easily back down, but she didn't. << and I think too it also helps that she went on to have a very successful career << Yeah << and I saw in the video clip that He also apologized, Sam Haskell also apologized, to her mother, who was in the audience as well, for anything- Oh, wow. It may have put the family through, any embarrassment. Claire, your thoughts? I'm slay, I'm with these ladies, I'm always a fan of women keeping it classy, taking the higher ground, and she did that and Thank goodness they apologized to her. So, I think she did the right thing. And she looks fierceless in that. I think she looks fair play all day. Okay, so let's check back in with our Facebook fam and see what you all are saying about Vanessa and the pageant. Demetria Harrison says, slay because that crown doesn't make her who she is today. Thank you for chiming in, Demetria. [SOUND]

Vanessa Williams Makes her Return to Miss America

Vanessa Williams returns to Miss America to host the annual competition.