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[SOUND] How I ended up on Empire was God. Basically, the stars just aligned for me. I am signing Timbaland, Moseley Music, Epic Records and, while working on my album, I decided to show Timbaland this piece that I had done with CeeLo Green called Race Jones, R-A-C-E. And once I showed him the piece, [UNKNOWN] was taken aback, he was like wow, this is crazy. I gotta show Lee Daniels this, he has this new series he's working on called Empire, I think you'll be perfect. So he sent over the video to Lee, Lee called my management, and the rest is history. Something crazy that happened the very first day I was on set, everything was just happening. I'm like oh my God, Terrance Howard, Lee Daniels, [UNKNOWN] And then here comes Lee Daniels walking in with his pajamas on cuz everybody knows that Lee likes to be comfortable when he's in his zone and he has pajamas on. And then I'm like, what's going on? But what's crazy was I had a dream two days before of Lee Daniels in his pajamas, not ever knowing that that's what I was gonna see. So The next day after shooting then I see everybody in their pajamas. Cuz it's like I don't know some kind of vibration going on on set. So that was just fun because you could tell it was a family and it was just good vibrations. You'll really see my character in something crazy, dramatic is about to happen on the show. Something that Is shifting or something that is catastrophic is going on. Cuz I'm gonna be seen and attached to it. So it'll be something like real crazy that's about to happen. Trust [LAUGH] I guarantee it. On the [UNKNOWN] that you here in Empire has specifically done, threaten Empire. Well what's interesting is a lot of those songs Were the vibration coming out of my album called Music is my Boyfriend, the top of 2016. Amazing project, and I'm so excited and proud about it. It's been great. It's been a whirlwind, but I was ready, I was prepared. And I'm just in it, I'm very present, very grateful. When people listen to my music, I want them to be touched. It's just the simplicity of a song and the simplicity of hearing a songstress again. I'm a real songstress, and I just want to touch the hearts and chords of the people. That's my mission statement, period. So just for them to feel feel feel feel feel feel feel how they used to feel You know, when you could turn on a Marvin Gaye or a Sam Cooke or Aretha Franklin, but everybody feel at the same time. That's what soul music is for me. [MUSIC]

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