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[BLANK_AUDIO] Tyler Perry has been receiving lots of criticism over his recent new drama, for Too Close to Home. He casted predominantly white actors in the series, okay. So during an appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Perry said this to the fans. Norman Lear, all those people writing for black people for years. For a year. Yeah. And nobody ask that, what makes you think you can write for all for black people? Hell, stop asking me that damn question. People are people. Okay, people are people. Facebook has been buzzing with mixed reviews. Sam Ess wrote, how many primarily black movies and TV shows has he done? He wants to show that he's capable of doing more, and so far so good. I'll be watching. Get that money. So, panelist what are your thoughts on this? Are we here for a white wash media as our calling it or not? Slayed, Slayed We're on the fence with Charles. I want you to start with this one for now. Wade, who are you slaying?>> I'm slaying Tyler Perry because I feel like I'm not a fan of his work and if he wants to embarrass white people for a change that he is, he can go right ahead.>> [LAUGH] Let them set. Why don't we move back a couple years for now. Give us a break. My God. From the Madeas and the Meet the Browns. Give us, we need to heal as a people. Just give us some time to heal. So I'm slayeding this. Go ahead. Do your thing Tyler Perry. Tina, you Your thoughts? For my thoughts, for me it's like, as a black creator you should be giving these opportunities to black people, but also let the man do what he got to do. He got to make his money. And White people write movies about black people, why can't we Like he said. People are people I kind of agree. But also is like you've got a responsibility like you know you got to get your brother a job. Okay fair enough. Severed you're slaying it you slaved? Who's slaying? I'm gonna say slaved for Tyler. And I'm gonna say that because I feel like as a creative being he just wants to spread his wings a little bit He's done a lot of movies. You know that are, you know how predominantly black cast. Whether or not you feel like, people feel like they are, they represent us in a right way or not. But if we're talking about this in terms of whether or not his cast is predominantly white or predominantly black. I wanna say slayed because he's done a lot of them. The majority of them, truth be told that have predominantly black Cast and he just wants to show it's diversity. Do I think that he could do more movies with black casts that kind of show our, represent us in a better light? I feel like he could do that a little bit better Because we're not just the characters in his movies. Right right. We're so much more. And I think that he knows that because he's so much more. So I pull out we'll see that from him in the future but I don't, I think it's okay that for this one movie out of all the movies he's done That he has a cast that is predominantly white. And you know he's gonna be around for a minute so let's see what he does next. Let him live. Let him live. That's so good. That was good. Thank you Seven for saving Carl. Kayla [UNKNOWN]- [LAUGH] Hey. You have a comment out there? Yes, people are definitely chiming in. They have a lot to say. Jasmine Johnson says People are people but he was checking for those black audiences when he was making the come up so please. Amila Jackson say Tyler Perrie has been a lot for people and a lot for the black community. I say let them and let him make his money Make that money. Okay. Anday he's a billionaire. If you want to give me some of that billion dollars I will be on roofs all night. [INAUDIBLE] I will be in Mississippi burning on Broadway, I don't care. [LAUGHS] He said on Broadway. Okay

Is Tyler Perry’s Decision to Cast All White People a ’Slayed' or 'Shade'?  

Our ESSENCE Live panel weighs in on Tyler Perry's decision to cast all white actors for his new show during the latest edition of Slayed or Shade.