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[SOUND] So, Sydney, you and I have both seen the very first episode of the new New Edition biopic on BET. And we need to talk about it. We absolutely do, definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. Girl, it is so good. The champ is here. You all ready to do this? Do what, Bob? Casting is usually a little tricky with a lot of bio pics because we've seen some mistakes and you guys know what I'm talking about. I'm not gonna name names. But we all know so how did you feel about the casting in this? I thought the casting was exceptional. The kid who plays Michael Bivins. Yes, yes. Everyone knows a little kid, Michael Bivins. Everybody knows a little I want to play basketball, thugging out Streets, trying to be refined. So cute. My god, it's so cute. And then, okay, Bobby Brown started off shady as a child is what I got from this. Did he? Because when he has his fingers crossed behind his back, I was like, wow. But you could tell almost immediately, like as soon as they came on the screen, who is supposed to be whom. They exuded the New Edition. Yeah, if they didn't nail it with the looks, they nailed it with the vibe, I feel like. The vibe and the vocals, because they're actually singing. They're actually singing and dancing, it's so good. It's exhausting to look at though. It made me tired, all those dance moves. I also loved the black moms in this movie, So good. I loved the way The women are actually portrayed in a movie, for once. Do you know how long, we've been handed this **** about expenses? Since Candy Girl. When Lala showed up, I was like, is that Lala? And I was like, okay Lala getting these roles. No. Uhn-uhn It was. It was her. I just wasn't happy to see her. That scene where they learn the choreography that we've seen in the music videos where they're singing the songs and it's so hard and they're so cute. I just want to like Kind of. It's so cute. You could tell though that they're all, he's gonna be the star. I felt so bad for them because they all wanted to sing. They all did. > And it started out very innocent and very cute and very, we're all in this together. Except for Bobby, who held his fingers behind his back when he. He's promising that everybody would get to sing but that's another story. I don't know why you let this bother you. You can't be shady from the get go. You can't be shady from the jump. He was a boy. Still. He was a boy. Still, no excuse. I think that all boys have some weird like. All boys are shady. So what did we learn from the first hour and a half. It was a loud little bit but we learned a lot. Read your contract. Okay. There was no more money. Because you can not be just signing things like they gave you $500 in a bag. Signing things and not having anything to show for it. Beta max. Like aim higher, I don't know. And what about when they fired Brook, Wood Harris's character. Yeah. I though that that was really shady. He was really looking out for these boys. What? Yes he was. I guess he was doing the best that he could but he should of also looked over those contracts as well. Cuz he's the manager, that's your It's your job as a manager to make sure your client isn't getting played. I mean I guess. But you also have five people to manage. I think it's just because we love Woody Harris and we love that character. He can't really do any wrong in my book. Yeah, he really can't do any But not reading a contract is worth getting fired over it, I think. Okay. [LAUGH] Okay, can we talk about how fast little girls are over these little prepubescent boys? Because in one scene in particular I was like y'all are all nasty. You all need home training. They were on the tour bus, just coming back to Boston for the first time and they traveled the world and they're all cultured and they've been singing and shucking and jiving and some little girl licks the bus window. That's disgusting. Really? They started out gross, remember? Cuz like The grown child Kissing through the window Green? That's disgusting. You can't put your lips on everything, so don't, please. I need to talk about one other thing, cuz it just was irking me the whole entire episode, those wigs. My, those wigs. [MUSIC] I don't need you to be spritzing every. [SOUND] But that was hair back then, wasn't it? So it's probably an accurate. So everybody was walking around looking janky with a bad line up? Early 80s, I mean, what. [BLANK_AUDIO] I mean we'll probably look back at ourselves and be like, wow [MUSIC] Our kids will be like why did you do that? So maybe it was just like the thing- I hope not. And they're trying to get it accurate.>> It was bad. It was bad. But everything else is an A plus. I thought the casting was great. Everything else was great. The direction, it was shot beautifully. My God it's visually Amazing. It's so good and I can't wait until we get into like the [UNKNOWN] era. The red jackets and all the colors and the glitter. Everybody's doing the [UNKNOWN] It is going to be. So good. So magical.
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