Show Transcript
[MUSIC] The internet has kind of changed the game, you know, because we can offer more sizes Is online then sometimes storage can support a brick and mortar. And I think that's really changed the conversation. But I also think it's been amazing that you know women who wear 14s and 18s and 20 they're speaking up about what they want. Their proud of their bodies and loving themselves and they're demanding Real fashion, beautiful quality. And I'm here, I'm eager to offer it. [MUSIC] I thought we were going to have to do something different or special, but they want what everybody else is being offered. They want to be in the conversation. And that's easier for me. It's easier for us on the back-end side for production, cuz it's the same styling. We're just moving it along and offering it to more people. [MUSIC] I always come to Tracy's show because I think it's so important to not only support black designers but support our sisters. It's a sisterhood. You know, Tracey get's it, she's always so clear about who her girl is. It's always romantic and timeless and thought out and clever. Tracey does floral and a frock like no other. It's like they were blossoming out of the ground. She really is the true epitome of class and sophistication. With a little bit of sweetness. What she does every season is wonderful. It's refreshing because it's life for women. But the truth of it is for me is that I'm more impressed with the professional and how her team delivers it.

Tracy Reese Taps Real Women For Beautiful Fashion Week Show And Debuts Extended Sizes 

Tracy Reese has always created stunning clothing that speaks to women’s flair for the feminine and our unique figures. Now the New York City-based designer is expanded that conversation by offering her runway creations up to size 18 and 2XL. This beautiful act of inclusion is just one of the many reasons Reese remains on the top of her game — and in everyone’s closet. We caught up with Reese at her recent Spring/Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week Show to talk about this awesome news and why her designs continue to make us swoon.