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Today on Essence Live, Traci Braxton tells us what the family really thinks of Toni's Lifetime biopic. And we're wrapping up our Happy New You series with tips and tricks with some social media gurus. But right now, it's the Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. So we know 2016 just started but 2 Chainz already gets our vote for video of the year. The song is Watch Out and the visuals are everything, check it out. [MUSIC] Desert Vista High School is vowing to end the N word after a photo of their students wearing T-shirts with slur went viral. But a former teacher at the school isn't buying it. Dr. Cicely Cobbs says, when she complained about racism at the school in 2014 administrators ignored her and branded her as the quote Crazy, angry black woman. Cobb is currently suing the school district for discrimination. [SOUND] If you are pregnant, or looking to become pregnant, the CDC is advising that you avoid traveling to countries infected with the Zika virus. The virus is spread through mosquito bites and is known to cause severe brain damage and abnormally small heads In newborns. To the New York TImes, the world health organization will convene, an emergency meeting on Monday, to decide whether to declare a public health emergency. Now, are your time lines on fire? Like our's we're yesterday? This Amber Rose and Kanye West beef has reached epic proportions. It all started when Wiz Khalifa tweeted about Kanye's decision to name his upcoming album waves and then told him to quote hit this kk and become yourself. Wiz later explained that kk was a nickname for weed, but. You know it's too late. Yeezy unleashed a series of tweets attacking Wiz. But it got real ugly when Yay brought Wiz's son, Sebastian and his Ex, Amber Rose, into it. He even numbered the tweets. Number 12. You wouldn't have a child if it wasn't for me. Really? Number 13. You own waves? I own your child, that was ouch, and the lowest of all, number four, you let a stripper trap you. But, my girl Amber Rose got the last laugh tweeting, aw Kanye West, are you mad I'm not around to playing in your **** [COUGH] anymore, hashtag fingersinthebooty a [BLEEP] You can, you're grown Essence Live, you can figure out what that means. But where is Kanye's Amber hate coming from and why bring the babies into it? We're taking your calls and comments next. It's Thursday, January 28th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome te Essence Live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. All right, let's get right into this Amber Rose and Kanye West beef. It seems a silly tweet from Wiz Khalifa caused Kanye to once again come for his ex, Amber Rose. But Mother Rosebud ain't having it. And it seems most of you are team Amber on this one. On Facebook, Melanie Parker said, Kanye is obsessed with Amber. He sent 20 plus tweets, she shut him down, he deserved it. And she did that in one tweet BTW, I just wanna point that out for y'all. Also, Gregory Boogie Collins said, Kanye West is a ****! Ask President Obama, LOL [LAUGH]. All right I want to hear what you have to say. Let's go to the phones. Caller, what's your name and where are you calling from?>> Hi I am Alicia Reese and I am originally from Miami, Florida, but I know live here in Brooklyn, New York. And my whole thing about this entire beef is A, if you had taken a second to release your phone, you would've Realize what KK meant, number one. And number two, I think we should all adopt the theory or the ideology that as soon as you get upset, put your phone down. We should just [INAUDIBLE] it and move on with life. I have to agree with that. Sometimes you just gotta put that phone down. Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go. So, thank you so much for your comments. Next we ave a video comment. Tell us your name and where you're calling from. Hi, my name is Alissa. I'm from Philadelphia PA. And my comment's just, I feel like every time Kanye gets in the argument, he always brings up Amber Rose's past. I feel like it's really disrespectful that he keeps doing that. Nobody even has to mention Amber Rose and he still brings her up. What did she do? That made him so pressed to this day. And why is Kim okay with this? Because I wouldn't be okay with my man bringing up his ex every second he gets. No matter what Amber Rose did in the past, that's the past. She makes her own money now, she's her own person and has her own life. You have your own life. Just stick with the [INAUDIBLE] focus on your music and keep it moving. There's no need to bring up her past, there's no need to bring her up at all. You have a wife, you have a family, keep it moving. Okay then, that's some very, very good points. Thank you to all of our viewers who called in today If you wanna share your thoughts, hit us up anytime on social media using the hashtag #ESSENCELIVE to join the conversation, or you can email us at All right, coming up, Traci Braxton dishes on that Lifetime Tony Braxton movie and your favorite social media stars share their keys to their success. But first, Daymond John of Shark Tank explains how being broke can actually work in your businesses' favor. [MUSIC] I spent $6 million on a clothing brand that was hot in a certain area but I didn't learn how to operate it, and I blew $6 million because I thought that because I was in clothing, men's clothing, I could do women's clothing just as easy. Well I was wrong and six million dollars later it was my biggest mistake. [MUSIC] When you're broke you basically take affordable steps. You don't go out there and bet the whole farm on everything and then all of a sudden realize you skipped steps two through nine and now you're at ten and you're broke. You do step one, you do step two, and until you get off of step two and you're successful, you're gonna keep getting knocked down, you don't move to step number three. So it really keeps you focused about those things. A couple common traits amongst entrepreneurs, they see the results and then they come back and they say, "Okay How to improve on this. The results sometimes is the door slamming in your face. Actually, most of the time it's the door slamming in your face, but once you realize why the door is being slammed in your face you'll realize why the door will open. Don't get me wrong, you may just have a bad idea, and the door keeps getting slammed in your face and you run out of your small amount of capital You at least will know that you didn't spend every single thing you have, and you can recover from it. [MUSIC] So, a brand is a brand. I always say, if you wanna put yourself out as a brand, you need to understand what your brand stands for. Can you put yourself in two to five words? Describe yourself in two to five words. Apple think different, Nike just do it, White Castle's what you crave. And they don't always have to be beautiful Sexy words. Old dirty bastard was old dirty bastard and he stayed true to it. My first rapper that I really loved? The fat boys. They were fat boys. That's what it was. You have to stay true to your brand. [BLANK_AUDIO] The best way to get family and friends to invest in your business honestly is to go out and you prove the concept yourself first. When you don't have any money and you're operating with people who are that believe in what you're doing. If they're not making money and they're rolling with you, they're really there because they believe in what you're doing. Then you let them believe that you're gonna take their money and do the right thing with it. If you're sitting there going I just need the money to get it started. I don't know, take your own money, dig in your couch. Put maybe on your credit cards, go sell that plasma tv you have. Stop going out to dinner and take you frankfurters and cook them in a pot and eat frankfurters for a month. And show them that you're willing to bust your **** and then they're gonna wanna be part of your movement. Prove it before you go and ask them for their money. [MUSIC] I'm Tali Hawk and you can see me in Fifty Shades of Black in theatres, January 29th with Marlon Wayans. You're going to want to see is ****. It's not. Everyone's going to want to see his ****. And you should see this movie because black love matters. Because black sex lives matter. [LAUGH] I don't know why I couldn't remember what to say. But you get it. You know. It's a, it's a movie Sex in it. And Marlon Wayans is going to be semi-naked in it, so, you know, come, be horrified, be excited, be all those things. What're you doing? Where are you going? No, no, no, no. We have way more coming up right here on Essence live. Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine if Essence could be even more. Offering a selection of new beauty products specially curated every month so you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy so you know what works for you. You're getting essentials from name brands and up and coming black owned businesses. Go ahead. Be bold. Be confident. Be you. Become a member. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. Right now I am joined by one of the fabulous Braxton sisters via Skype, Miss Tracy Braxton, hi Tracy. Hi Dana! Hi! Hi, how are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm great, thank you so much for joining us. I'm gonna just jump all right up in the T honey because last weekend was the Lifetime premiere of your sister's Toni's bio pic Unbreak My Heart, which drew in 3.6 million viewers. Who did you watch the film with? I watched it with my husband and my son. Now was there? Yeah. A Braxton family screening as well? Or? No. Actually, I watched it at my home. Okay. Yeah. It was a Braxton screening, you know? [LAUGH]. So. And sometimes, whenever, you know? Networks or major motion picture companies do a bio pic. There is some cringe-worthy moments or scenes where people who are actually part of the story are like, eh, that wasn't quite right. Were there any cringe-worthy moments for you? The cringe moment for me was when Toni was performing in Las Vegas and passed out. And I was like, wow, I didn't know that happened. Mm-hm. And it has to be hard to kind of see, you know that's someone you love, this is not a fictitious character. This is someone you love and you grew up with so it had to be a hard scene to watch. Most definitely. Most definitely. Now during the movie one of Tamar's Tweet's implied that a scene wasn't real, or the way she recalled it. In your opinion, how accurate was the film? I think that film was 95 or 98% accurate. Okay. So you feel like they did a good job. They get a check mark. Lifetime gets a check. They really did a good job on all of it. They did a really, really good job on all of us. And what do you feel is the realest moment? My mom was angry when she found out about my father infidelityness. Mm-hm. Infidelityness. [LAUGH] Did that kind of take you back to a certain place in your life. When that happened, I think it destroyed everybody in the family. You know, we looked up to our dad, we still look up to our dad. It's a little, this man can still do no wrong. And And we judge our husbands yet today because of our dad. You know like, okay, yes our dad was a good man, but he had some flaws. Everyone has flaws. Mm-hm, so how would you sum up the film in one word? A great movie, if it was in a movie theatre, I would go and I would really spend my money to watch this movie. I felt as though- it should have been long enough- longer than what it was. Mm mm. However, you know, for them have to cramp up for two hours, or an hour and a half and one little segment, you're not going to get- All the story, that's what I think. No, definitely. That's understandable. When you found out that the film was going to take place, were you ever worried about who's gonna be playing you or how you would be portrayed on screen? Not really. I think you know they pic the right people. You know that best described as and That will show, you know, how we used to be when we was younger. You know. If they showed the togetherness. How when we was upset with each other. Or we were upset with at situation we'd start breaking out singing. So you know, I didn't think they got any body that was wrong for us. Now, okay. Now, Tracy, can you fix the phone just a little bit? You lean a little bit back on me. Kind of square your. I know. [CROSSTALK. Camera. There you go. There you go. [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH]. Now I want to switch gears here for a moment, Tracy. Because I see some albums behind you. How's the music going for you? It's going great. I'm back in the studio. Mm-hm. Of course I'm still working with my wonderful, wonderful producer, Dave Lindsey. I love him so much. He is my twin. Mm-hm. Like I said, I'm back in the studio. I'm working with a lot of other producers and things that like. I'm glad that I got that opportunity. To work with other people, and having Braxton Family Values catapult my career. So, some of your sisters also have active recording careers, how much pressure do you feel, and how do you set yourself apart? That you're all in the same industry. It's so much pressure. I'm so used to hearing that's Tony's sister or that's one of Tony's little sisters. Or Tamar big sisters. I'm so used to it. When you have siblings go to school with you or before You went to school, they're athletic. They're always saying, "That's such-and-such little sister." So it can get kind of nerve wracking, but that's who I am. But I'm glad that people give me that opportunity and chance to listen to what I have forthcoming. And singing. Definitely. And can you give us any scoop when we'll hear your new music? Ha ha. Very soon. [LAUGH] Very soon. Okay, I'll take very soon. All right, so, we have to do it. Social media has a fun hashtag called "One Gotta Go." So basically- You choose out of four options, which you would get rid of. So, which sister got to go Traci, is it Toni, Twanda, Trina, or Tamar? Neither one. [LAUGH] That's fair, that's fair. It's all fair, it's all love. Either one, I'm nothing without them. We're each other limbs. We're each other flesh and flesh and bone and bone. We share the same DNA. I can't live without my sisters. I grew up with them. We never had a different household. We have the same DNA. So I can't live without anyone Thank you so very much Traci.>> Thank You.>> For taking the time to chat with us. Wish you all the best on the new music. Coming up next I'll be sitting down with some social media gurus. Who have turned their passions into big profits. But first to all you all working with a troubled credit score. And you know who your are, Tiffany Budgetnista Aliche. [MUSIC] Answers your most pressing financial questions. Take a look. Hi, I'm Tiffany, the budgetnista [UNKNOWN]. And I'm here to help you solve your money problems. So let's hit the streets of NYC, and help some folks live a little bit richer in 2016. Are you ready for me to get all up in your financial business? Yes. What is your biggest financial issue right now, and what do you need help with? I need help with saving more.>> I don't like to have any debt at all. How do I save? How do I look for an apartment?>>Do you have a budget?>>I do not have a budget at the moment.>>Budget.>>Budget.>>The budget. A budget is super simple. It's just a list of all of your expenses including hair, nails, food, bills, everything. Then you're going to write down how much all of those things cost you in a month. So one month, they just gonna add up that list and subtract it from what you take home every month. So we're gonna start with a budget and what you're gonna do, is you're gonna look to your budget and find something small that you can allocate toward your debt every single month. And then you're gonna automate that payment. Paying off your credit card in full. Is that good or bad for your credit? I think it's always good to not have debt. Good for your credit. I don't see why not. If you can afford it, then that's good. Bad for your credit. You have to be able to show how you make your payments. Pay off your credit card in full is always a good idea. Here's why. Credit scoring companies like to see. [MUSIC] Good habit. It doesn't matter how much it is, as much as it matters how consistently you do it. If you continuously pay that credit card off, you're going to see your credit score raise because you are showing great habit. So yes. Please, please, please, pay off your credit card in full every month if you're able. Co-signing for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Bad for your credit. I've done it. [LAUGH] So I'm gonna say no. Good. Bad. So bad. I couldn't give her the mic. Bad. I'm not gonna do that. It's bad for me. [NOISE] I don't care. Co-signing for a boyfriend or a girlfriend is never a good idea. Here's why. When you co-sign on anybody's debt, that means It means you're taking equal responsibility for that day. And you don't want to do that because if they don't pay, that means it looks like you have not paid. Deferring student loans, good or bad? Well I say it's bad. Bad. It's good for your credit score because it leads to your making payments. It's not bad for your credit, but the interest can accumulate. Trick question. It's not good or bad. Deferring your student loan is definitely an option if you think you might not be able to pay. Because you do not want default. See this is why we need you Tiffany. [laugh] Yes. You did great!>> That's not bad.>>I hope these tips were helpful. Remember when it comes to being financially fit, it's all about automation. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Consistency and accountability. I'm Tiffany, the budgetnista [UNKNOWN], and this is Essence Live. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome back to Essence Live. As you know, all month we've been celebrating a happy new you. We got our minds and our bodies right with yoga, and a little pole dancing. Yes we did. Tyreece and Rev Run came through, and dropped some relationship knowledge. College and celebrity stylists where advice came by, and gave us tips on how to "tjuz up" our wardrobes. But, today we're talking money, honey. Alright, pull out your pens and papers. We have some of today's hottest social media entrepreneurs, discussing how to build wealth in today's These digital world. All right, you can catch our first guest's blog on about pretty much everything from fashion and entertainment, and gadgets and more. Please welcome Editor-in-Chief of Divas and Dorks, Kristin Roshaw. Hello. Hi, how are you? Welcome, I'm good, thank you so much! Our next guest is definitely super busy with not one, not two, but three successful YouTube channels. Whitney White, better know to her millions of followers as Naptural85. Welcome to Essence Live. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much for being here. And joining us again co-host of the super popular, super funny Podcast the read, Crystal West. Welcome to Essence Live. Hi. I was always wanna say that, the read [LAUGH] and lastly joining us via Skype is the hilarious Vine sensation with more than 3.1 million Vine followers, Simone Shepherd. Hi, Simone. How are you? Hey everybody. Thank you so much for joining us. All right, we're gonna jump right into it. Social media is all the buzz right now, from bloggers, you got the Instagram models, YouTube gurus, everyone, becoming celebrities if you will. But, the real question is, are you all making celebrity bucks, and anyone who wants to start and join in, you can. Anyone. Anyone, yes. I'm not making celebrity bucks but I do operate as if I'm a celebrity in the mind set of the little money I do make, I make sure that I plan it out, I budget it out, and I invest it in myself like a corporation would or a like a big brand would. Whitney? I think that's probably the biggest misconception is that people online, if you have a big following then you're Your salary is looking the exact same as your [UNKNOWN] and that's not how it goes at all. In fact, a lot of people who have millions and millions of followers are still struggling to get by and it's not as glamorous as people might think it might be. Right, so people make focus more on the celebrity versus the dollar if you will. Exactly, yeah. I agree with what they both said. I think A lot of people assume that if you have a lot of followers online and that necessarily means that you are making tons of money. And that's not the case. I mean, we do have advertisers. I'm not saying we don't make anything, but- [UNKNOWN] definitely. We're not out here buying apartments. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Simone, I want to jump to you too as well, you have 3.1 million followers, and, and you're known on Vine where there's lot's of video and creativity and things of that nature happening. You know is this your side hustle or what became a passion for you now, your, your main, hustle, and your main focus? Well, I have made a lot of money, hearing these ladies talk, really makes me feel like I should teach a class of some sort because I have grossed well over a million dollars from my social media following. I think that your social media numbers do reflect, you know, into dollars. It just depends on how you're actually communicating and talking to brands. I work with major brands. I literally just did a break deal yesterday for Toyota and got a lot of money. I think that people don't realize Their worth when they have social media, I call it social media capital. Because if you have a large amount of followers, then to large brands that equates to dollar signs. they'd rather pay you a lot of times then pay an actor or a whole production team to shoot a commercial. And if you have a specific audience Then you can help them target an audience that they may not be able to target on their own. So girls, talk to me later on. Well, we're gonna come back to everyone, but Simone, I wanna ask you, was it intimidating for you because you're a social media influencer, stepping into the boardrooms and negotiating this level of capital, if you will? No, because I am quite confident, and I also, you know I'm in the entertainment business. I moved to LA to be an actress and a producer and a director, so I was already conducting business. So once I decided to focus on social media, I thought, okay, the only reason I'm not getting what I want Out of meetings when it comes to producing my content, it's because I don't have the following. Once I created the following, I said, okay listen, I don't really need you guys. I'm reaching a certain amount of people by myself. And they were like, well we wanna reach those people too. So I said, okay, well then your gonna have to pay me. [CROSSTALK] And? I was saying, you have to tap into each other. One leverages the other. Exactly. But right now, I wanna bring some of the ladies here in the studio back into the conversation. What are your thoughts on what Simone just said? Well, I think, just really briefly, not everyone has millions and millions of followers. The majority of bloggers, influencers, they start small. And I think that's the anomaly here, is that you have to have a strategic plan on who you're targeting, who you're speaking with. And brand will come to you because of that. Like I started Divas and Dorks because there's no other site that talks style meets with technology. Because of that, I've worked with Verizon, I've worked with Toyota. I've worked with these different brands because I was speaking to one audience. Even though it wasn't millions of followers but it was still an audience that they can reach on their own. I also think it has To do with one the platform that you're on in the niche that you're in. So Vine is a huge platform and it's really taking off right now. For me I'm on YouTube. And so it's not the same exact platform where brands want to get it in as badly as they do Vine knowing that it's on a mobile device constantly and that's how people access it. And also that people are flocking to Vine much faster, at a faster rate than they are to other social media outlets. But also the niche. It's very hard for somebody who is in a designated, very small niche, like I'm in a hair care niche. And some of my other peers are in beauty, and we've had a difficult time Showing people our worth. There's definitely a learning curve that we all have to, and this is across the board, if you ask any of my peers. There's a learning curve where a lot of people out there who are investing and who are advertising with social media. People they don't understand the black beauty niche yet. No, definitely. So it's very hard to make those deals if people aren't coming to you and they don't see your value. So what type of teams are you guys working with then, because I imagine that all of you have multiple YouTube channels, your appearances, you have your podcasts and things of that nature. Do you have teams to help you manage your workloads? Like, do you have an accountant, do you have interns, do you have attorneys, and Priscell? I do. [COUGH] Sorry for that Nia. [LAUGH] It's okay. She was like hold up. [LAUGH] My team press release. No. [LAUGH] I mean we have people working for us with the Podcast Network to handle everything in regards to the studio. And I have an attorney and an accountant to handle taxes and things of that nature. I just look at social media as a way To kinda spring board me into the career I want, but social media is not my career. I never wanted it to be. That's not my goal. I have no real interest in making money off my following. I have interest in making money off me and my career And where I'll go with the podcast and beyond, so. But this, aren't they kind of synonymous? The success of your podcast kinda coincides with the success of your brand? Well, yes, but if you look at the number of followers I have I have on Twitter that doesn't translate to the number of people who listen to the show and it doesn't translate to the amount of money I make. I earn more than the number of people who follow me, but I don't feel like that's something that's important to necessarily know about me or something that's really essential or crucial to my brand. Because who I am Is unique enough that the platform that I'm on doesn't really matter. Okay, fair enough. [UNKNOWN] so you have 3.1 million followers out there on Vine. How much of your personal life are you willing to give your fans because I'm sure many of them feel like they know you personally, [UNKNOWN] on the street and all that kind of stuff. So, much of your personal life are you willing to share with them? I share a good amount of my personal life. I'm a bit private, but again I'm an entertainer so I know how to separate the two. You were talking about the amount of the teams that you have. I have an attorney. I have an agent. I have a manager. All those things are really important, but what I was trying to do as an actress, I was getting work but not as much work as I wanted to. And being repped by agents, but not the biggest ones that I wanted to be. So I took my following and really used that to leverage the rest of my career. You know I was producing and directing before but now I'm just doing it, now I have a deal with Disney to create A large amount of content. I'm creating a lot of TV shows and digital content for them in their platforms. So, all of my social, and just a piggyback on what she was saying before. I was like, I use this to piggy, to really catapult You know my career and to everything else that I wanted to do, just on a larger frame. And to me money is important, because I was a struggling artist and now I'm able to support myself in ways that I can turn down jobs and my Career is really shaping into what I want it to look like because now I have all the control. Now, was the social media following you think what catapulted you into the Big Sean video. Because that was a good look for you. Yes, it essentially was because Big Sean and the guy who directed it, his friend. They were fans of MyBOD and asked me to be in it. So, yeah, that was really important. But more than that, I got to audition for SNL because of my social media following. And from that I booked a lot of other work and have a TV show in development, a bunch of different things that came from my social media following. Because people weren't aware of me. And as much as I was the same talent, people didn't know I existed. So all social media did was put me on a radar of really important people and people who I feel like essentially, my fans, my followers, people who will be watching my show. Who will buy anything that I place out there or create. I have a personal relationship with them through my social media. Wether it is on Vine or Instagram. Because my Vine and my Instagram following. And my Facebook following a very different from each other. Right, no, they're definitely different types of users. And so, I have to ask all of you. I know that you all love what you do, clearly. It takes a lot of time and a lot of passion. But what's probably your least favorite thing about the gig, if you will? For me, I didn't think I would be so Obsessive about it. You always think your passion, you're gonna wake up and just, I just love doing this- Tah-dah. [LAUGH] My gosh. Well no, you don't see the ugly side. Where you're up at 3 o'clock in the morning, staring at your computer like, my God, I gotta get this figured out before I go to bed. Right. Mm-hm. So it's both, it's two sides to the coin. But I think You know, at the end of the day if you can go to bed knowing that you love doing what you do and that you're being able to make money doing it. Then it's all worth while. What are your thoughts Brittany? For me the best and the worst thing are the exact same thing. [LAUGH] So the best thing, or I guess the worst thing about what I do, is the fact that it's 24/7. But I also love that it's 24/7 and that I have the freedom to do what I want when want to. However, it kind of breeds the mentality of a workaholic. Because when you have that much freedom, which is great, obviously, you want freedom [LAUGH] But when you have it and you know that you can kind of pick and choose your projects it's like, " my god, what can't I do?" You know? Learn how to draw those lines. Right, and there's only 24 hours in a day and you need to sleep at least like 6 hours of those days. You know what I mean? So it can be detrimental if you can't figure out a way to organize and say no and really Shut down when you need to have time for yourself. Definitely, and Crystal, your show The Reed. There's a lot of opinions and everyone has an opinion and everybody wants to through in. How do you deal with criticism or backlash or somebody responding to something that they may or may not have liked? Well I deal with that kind of the same why I would expect any celebrity who listens to the show. To deal with me saying something about them like I don't really care. Because you don't know me personally, so that, there's no reason for that to affect me personally. Crystal is a media personality, this the part of my personality that I present to the world and you can feel however you feel about her, that's fine, it doesn't, it's not gonna shake me At the end of the night what it is for me more than anything is the pressure I put on myself to continuously be better, do better, work more, work smarter and harder. So that anxiety that develops from the pressure Pressure I put on myself is the hardest part. I definitely understand that. [INAUDIBLE] Sure. Sorry, I just wanna. I'm like shaking my head because it's like, I think social media in general. And I feel like this year a lot of people have come out to talk about it more because there's a lot of pressure that we put on ourselves to succeed and to To post more, to do more, to show more, to share more. More, more more. More, more, more, and more. Yeah. And it can get so overwhelming. There's studies, and I read about this so much, cuz it interests me so much. There's studies out there that depression's on a rise because this generation is so obsessed with sharing. And it's an interesting fact to know that we as humans get our self worth by comparing ourselves to each other. That's a validation. Um-hm. Regardless of whether you want to or not. So the fact that social media is constantly in your phone, and you're constantly accessing to, you are comparing yourself. On a daily basis 24 seven. Right. Which is extremely detrimental. Definitely. That's so hard. Well Simone clearly feels that you can become wealthy via social media and has leveraged it for other platforms. The final word. What are your thoughts? Crystal, I'll start with you. Can you become rich being a social media celebrity? Absolutely. I don't know too much about being a social media celebrity because I'm not one. [LAUGH] But I mean, like, the young lady said, you can clearly make a lot of money. Others have made lots and lots of money. It's just a matter of who you're willing to work with, and what you're willing to do. Whitney? Yeah I agree, I think that it just depends on what your final goal is. So I mean, there's times when I have turned, I have a daughter, I turned down so many deals, I could have sent her to college three times. Right. It just depends on What you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. So there's a lot of things I'm not willing to do. So you can make as much money as you want to, as you can. As yourself. Yeah, as you want. Kristen, final words for when you become rich? Well, final words I think, you can either be a social media star or you wanna become rich. You can have both, or you could just do one or the other. I launched something called Act Like a Blogger, Think Like a Brand, and it's actually a web series, and it's an upcoming book. It's gonna share how you don't have to have a Super duper amount of followers and this huge following to make money using social media and digital. And I think that that's something that anyone can do if they put the right foot forward. And Simone may I have your final words and your thoughts on that? Can you become- Yeah, I totally agree with that. I totally agree with what you just said, you don't have to have a large following. [MUSIC] to begin to make money. It's just a lot of people don't realize how to even start, or how to go about making the money. Because, you know? The resources are out there, the brands are out there. And I really don't think. As a Christian woman, I don't plan on compromising myself in order to work with brands. And, you know, have financial wealth. I think that that is something that is. For me to receive and for me to take control of. So yes, you can make money, I do think that it's a great way to take control of your career and your life to catapult you into anything else that you plan to do. So, yeah, go for it. All right, well, thank you so much, Simone, for Skyping in, and of course, my beautiful ladies here, Kristen, Whitney, and Crystal, all in the studio. Thank you so much for joining us. And of course our wonderful viewers who are streaming us live, make sure to tune in next week for an all new episode. I'm your host, Dana Blair, and I'll see you next week. Bye bye. [MUSIC]

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