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[BLANK_AUDIO] It's time to play a little game. Tracee is hosting BLACK GIRLS ROCK! on BET. So we wanna find out how well she knows her stuff. Also, we wanna highlight some really fabulous black girls who rock. We've got two. Two teams. I'll be with Relationships Editor, Charli Penn. Let's do this. You got this, girl. Game on. And Tracee Ellis Ross is paired with Fashion and Beauty Director, Julee Wilson. [CROSSTALK] Bring it. Mm-hm. So here's how it works. On the monitor, we'll put an image of a black girl who rocks. And you have to get your partners to guess who it is. But you can't say the forbidden words. I like that word, forbidden. For example, if the picture was an apple, the forbidden words might be red, or fruit. So okay, here we go. Whichever team has the most correct answers Wins. And that's gonna be us. Yes, honey. All right, so let's go, Charlie. You're up first with me. Here we go. Okay, she had her own like time slot on a news network [UNKNOWN] And then she went off about something when she was told Melissa Harris [SOUND]. Thank you. Alright, she is just everything and her speeches are everything, and she is ruling Thursdays. Last slide. Viola Davis [SOUND]. Nice. Her show is back tonight When she had. [INAUDIBLE] Other one. When she got sexy, people got mad. When she got sexy, people got mad? And we were like- Why would we get mad? Curvy, curvy, curvy. [UNKNOWN] Yeah, and her show is also on tonight. And we love it. She's the wife with the most And because I [INAUDIBLE] in her head, You just said it. [UNKNOWN] Our friend in our head. SHe's so special to us. [INAUDIBLE] is my friend. No, right in this moment, right in this moment. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] And she, okay You;re killing me. She can make it happen with the woman we were just talking about- Kerry Washington. No, she will come over, she will hold your hand, she will come to your door. Yama. Yes. [SOUND] Okay. We're done. We're done. [CROSSTALK] I think we're gonna lose. I'm frightened. No, no, no, no. We got this. All right, all right! I need to find my confidence because right now I feel beaten down. Whoo! Look at me. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Don't be feel beaten down. We got this. So I got four. Thank you for that. I need confidence. That's a team player right there. Four is the number to beat. We got this. No, five. six. Wait. Here we go. We're going to get all of them so it doesn't matter. Get it started. Whoo!. Yes, okay I've started. Here we go. We can start whenever. And here we go in 3,2,1. These beautiful black girls live in the White House. Sasha and Malia. >. Yes. Okay so she is an amazing athlete. Her arms are everything, her legs are everything. Selena Williams. Yup. Okay, so ain't nobody got time for that. Ain't nobody got time for that. You've lost me. She has a beautiful little son. God, why. She has siblings that are all female. [UNKNOWN] Yes. [NOISE] This is the offspring of Denise Huxtable. The offspring! Raven Symone? No. Denise? Denise. Denise Huxtable. Denise Huxtable. Who played Denise Huxtable? Denise? She's the offspring of Denise Yes. In real life. My Gosh. Shut up Denise, you'll be Lisa Monet which means I'm supposed to stay Zoe Kravitz. Yes. You got it, you got it. Okay, this God I feel uncomfortable inside. When this person is a music artist and she has Okay. like a very curvy body. She sings Feelin' Myself Nicki Minaj? Yep. Nicky. Then last but not least we have this woman who is amazing What's happening to me right now? She's on stage. She sings, Lady Sings the Blues. Type songs? Diana Ross? No. No. No. I met her before. She is lady sings the blues. She is lady sings the blues? On stage. On the Great White Way. Billie Holiday? Yes but who plays Billie Holiday on the Great White Way? What's the Great White Way? [SOUND] Times up! Dammit. Yeah. [NOISE] I didn't know she was playing. Yeah she's playing. She's playing. [INAUDIBLE]. Learning a new [INAUDIBLE]. The Great White Way means Broadway, but I couldn't say Broadway. Shoot. [CROSSTALK] You guessed Billy Holiday was one of the key words. [CROSSTALK] It's okay. Thank you everyone for coming. [CROSSTALK] Thank you for kicking my ****. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Tracee Ellis Ross Plays 'Guess the Black Girl Who Rocks'

The Black Girls Rock host plays a fun game of 'Guess the Black Girl Who Rocks' during an appearance on ESSENCE Live.