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[BLANK_AUDIO] After a fan accused Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish of being his former mistress, Eniko managed to shade the fan, the rumors, and Kevin's ex Torrei. Eniko said that Kevin and Torrei Torrei's marriage was already Broken and that Torrei spread the mistress rumours because she wanted to play the victim. Ouch! Now Eniko has since turned off all comments on her Instagram page but it seems that Torrei is getting the last laugh on this one. She told TMZ, numbers don't lie. Dates don't lie at the end of the day she forced my hand to address this publicly. The most important thing to me is my children, so if my children see something that she's writing that makes me look like a liar, no. Panelist, what in the hurt is going on here? Slayed or shade on one, two, three. I see you all are ready, go!( LAUGHING) Alright we will start with Shawn, you're right in the middle go ahead Why be so messy about it? Like I men these women, On Eniko behalf right? Yes, I mean but, like it's like these women are like their powerful in their own right, right? Torrei has her own brand and like you have money, like you have class, like don't take to Instagram to let out all of these like Philly, keep it internal. You would never see Jay, Beyonce, and Becky with the good hair out there telling who each other was and how they were all involved. Too classy for that. You will see Solange in the elevator putting in some damage. Yeah [LAUGH]. [UNKNOWN] chime in, what are you thinking? Okay, so I'm Say slayed for Torrei. I saw the TMZ video when they asked her, of course they're gonna ask her. And I thought the way she handled it was really classy. I mean, she was just, basically for the same thing that we've just read. She was saying, this is something that I thought we had moved past. Apparently there was some issues there. Point blank, don't lie on me for my kids to see this. I thought she handled that well. Eniko, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, I don't know what's going on. But it seemed very out of character known for her, cuz you say Eniko's pretty like quiet and kumbaya, so it seemed really off. Mm. For her to clap back like that. I don't know. All right, Charlie, what was Kevin's rib thinking? Okay, so to be honest, I'm actually really was kinda doing this. [LAUGH] Of course! Because Explain. I'm slayeding a Torrei for being as mature as a woman could be, having to public respond to Something like this again, for the thousandth time. But I'm actually shading Kevin and Eniko whom I usually love, for taking the high road. And I'm mostly shading Kevin because the only person I wanna hear really set the record about this publicly is Kevin. Mm. Mm. And I did not read the book yet, so if he did that there, fine to okay twitter, but if he didn't, he's the one who should go public and clear up these dates. He's always like, I'm just laughing, and it doesn't bother me. Right, what happened? Because obviously the two women in your life still don't agree on it. I thought he had moved on. Exactly. A lot of folks on twitter saying [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Yea. Yeah Shade all around. [LAUGH] Shade al around. Okay. [LAUGH] As Boss Lady Radio, Kevin Hart's wife Enico played herself, she says. His ex-wife handled that with so much class, I bet she will think twice before mentioning Torrei. @Honeybee83 That was very shady of Enico, and Torrei's better than me because she would have had to see me over that disrespect.

ESSENCE Now’s “Slayed or Shade” panelists discuss the recent Instagram beef between Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, and his ex-wife, Torrei Hart.