Tichina Arnold And Teyonah Parris Talk 'Survivor’s Remorse' Season 4

Tichina Arnold & Teyonah Parris on what to expect from Season 4 of "Survivor's Remorse".

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 17, 2017
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Congrats on the fourth season of the show. What's the biggest obstacle that we'll see the Calloway family go through this season. Hit it Sienna. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Sienna was gonna take. Okay, hit it Sienna. I think the biggest obstacle this season is there are a lot of things from our past From all the characters past that we have kind of been touching on in seasons one through three that just come full force this season. We meet some key players from Cassie's past from like Jessie, Pam's past and [UNKNOWN] as well and watching the characters really have to This new arrival into their lives. It's hard talking about it without giving away the story. Right, I'm tiptoeing. With my kids, with Cam, and with Mary Charles, they're searching for their dads. That's how we left it off in season three. And let's just say, they find out. They find a lot of stuff out. It sounds juicy. [LAUGH] It sounds really juicy. Ooh, okay. So, the show does a really great job of tackling real life issues, but in a non-preachy way. Given today's political climate, will we see some of that on the show? Most definitely. Yeah. You always see that on our show. Absolutely. Absolutely. Which is great, because Michael Malley and Ali Le Roi, and all of our writers and producers allow us to share our own person stories as well. That's why a lot of the episodes come across as main current events, things that are happening now. Because, it's a little bit of us inserting it.