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[MUSIC] Hey, everyone. I'm Julee Wilson, digital fashion and beauty director at Essence and this is Essence Live. We're gonna show you some quick and easy ways to take your hair from a simple day look, To a night on the town. And here to help me is stylist Monae Everett. Hello Julie. Hey, Monae, how are you? Wonderful, thank you so much for having me. Of course, we love having you here. So before we get started and meet our models You've said that there are a lot of styles that we see on celebrities that we can achieve at home, but we definitely don't feel like we can do that when we get home. So tell us why we can actually achieve these looks. Well, it's mostly mental. Most of these styles can be achieved at home. But you gotta go into it knowing you can do it, and it doesn't even take that long. Okay, I'm gonna trust you. Our first First model is Norell. She has short hair with shaved sides as her daytime look. So it's already fabulous, but we're going to vamp it up a little. So let's get started. Show us what your wanna do. Absolutely, so Norell was already prepped with the Motions Active moisture line shampoo and conditioner. Luckily the shampoo and conditioner already hydrated her hair enough, that it makes it easy for us to go into a night style. The first thing I'm gonna do is take a three-fourth inch curling iron And just start curling the hair away from the face. [MUSIC] So now, I've got a ton of curl in the hair. We're going for balance, and I'm going old school with a pick. Just going to pick it out a bit. And we can choose to either keep it standing up like that. It's like a faux-hawk. Yes, like a faux-hawk. Or you can define the curls a bit more and just have some fun with it. You can't have an edgy style like this and have the hairline doing crazy things. So the Smooth & Hold Edges is your best friend. Fabulous, Norelle, you look great and you are ready to have a good time with your girlfriends. [LAUGH] I can't wait to See this tomorrow. Next stop is Erica. Her hair is straightened and it's medium length. Right now she's rocking a long bob of lob. What you gonna do to Erica's hair today? We're gonna switch up the part because that really gives you a whole different look. Her hair is already hydrated with the motions active moisture line shampoo and conditioner. I'm going to take my one inch curling iron and notice I am starting to curl in the center of the hair shaft and I'm taking the curls in opposite directions. So your alternating. Alternating. And this is one of those tousled, sexy styles. So every strand should not be- In place. What is most becoming for most girls is to style the hair away from the face and the great thing about motions is that their shampoo and conditioner and their leave in are so hydrating that it's great for people with color treated hair as well. I love that. So you just go alternate, alternate, alternate and then what do we do? We're just going to run our fingers through it or go with the handy dandy pick. It is very sexy. You're definitely getting day before and now this is definitely a night look, I like it. Well our last model up is Scottie and she is rocking a very chic top knot for the office. But we wanna do something different for the night. Absolutely. Okay, you come over here. Tell us what we're gonna do with Scottie. So Scotty was already prepped with the motions active moisture shampoo and conditioner. But Scotty has curly hair and if she had chosen to wear her hair curly today we could've used the motion versatile foam styling lotion. It's great for washing those top knots are awesome for holding curls. They can give you more texture than you even realize. So. I know. I feel like her hair is done, already. Almost. Then you can cheat again. Making your hair look even more stylish with a really deep side part. That is so in right now. Wait,what are you doing over there, are we braiding? [MUSIC] I am braiding. I am giving her a nice dutch braid on the side. Or as we like to call it a corn roll. It's a corn roll. It's a corn roll absolutely. This hair style is going to look so complicated and it is going to be our easiest style of all. Really? And I'm gonna make it look even fancier by pulling on the braid and making it look even fuller. Now this is what you see on celebs when you think that they spent a whole lot of time styling their hair. Hair. Then I'm just gonna pin it over to the side. And so this wave on the side of her hair which is Old Hollywood awesome. Absolutely. That is the natural wave that was created with her hair being [UNKNOWN] Yep. This is like such a dramatic change because that top knot was definitely sheek and pulled together and very professional. Buy this, in like a matter of minutes has really transformed your look. I really I'm just going to do one curl at the face to make it look super purposeful. This is the 1 inch, this is my absolute favorite. For hair this length she also could have used a 1 and 1/4 inch Then I am going to go with my smooth. Didn't see that one coming. [LAUGH] Smooth and hold edges. No matter how we style our hair we always want it to look neat. I know that that's something that I can always use no matter how I'm styling my hair and that it'll work. I think that that's really important. Absolutely. If Mone buys any product I have to be able to use it for multiple different styles and motions. Always delivers. Excellent. Thank you so much, Renee. All the ladies look great. You showed us how to do a funky textured look for short hair, a tousled bob for our medium-hair length ladies and a fabulous sexy style with waves and a fun braid. For a night out on the town, for a long hair don't care girls. Thanks Monae, and thank you to all our models. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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