It’s that time of year again: when fall ushers in the infamous pumpkin spice flavor for coffees, pancakes and muffins. But the flavor gods always may have gone too far and injected the autumn taste into things it has no business in.

The latest pumpkin spice flavored item is Spam. Yes, the meat that comes in a can that many people (whoever they are) love to fry up. Gross.

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Why would the Spam powers that be add that flavor to that slab of canned meat?! This might not be our cup of tea, but apparently the limited time Spam flavor sold out and there is no more. We see somebody had some tasty meals.

This reminds us of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich that sold out after going viral. While the Popeye’s chicken sandwich was delicious, this pumpkin spice Spam might be the worst thing we’ve ever heard of.

Check out The OverExplainer reacting to pumpkin spice Spam in the video above.


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