The OverExplainer: Is There A Such Thing As Reverse Affirmative Action?

Yes there is. It's privileged parents paying and scamming their kids' way into college
The scam of great privilege that has been unfolding in the public eye since the news broke that several wealthy parents, namely Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, paid to get their children into prestigious universities, has been delectable and despicable to watch. Since it’s creation, Affirmative Action, the admissions policy that allows equal access to colleges and universities along with attempting to level the employment playing field for the historically disenfranchised, rejected or underrepresented (read: Black people) has constantly been challenged by those of privilege. Said challengers believe that equity is actually giving people of color a leg up, or worse, allowing them to take spots of “deserving” white people. This is the same school of thought that diversity equals white genocide. Affirmative action was actually intended to end and correct the way racism allowed for discrimination to keep people of color away from opportunities. So what is reverse Affirmative Action? It’s a term made up by The OverExplainer that explains the beliefs of people seemingly like Loughlin and Huffman, who attempt to use their powerful means as a makeshift policy to give their offspring a seat at a table they don’t even have the grades for. Check out The OverExplainer to see exactly how reverse affirmative action works. TOPICS: