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What Is A Hot Girl Summer?

The OverExplainer breaks it down. Who can have one? What does it mean? Can it last longer than the summer?

By now, you’ve heard it yelled out, or you’ve possibly stuck out your own tongue and proclaimed it: Hot Girl Summer!

Though some folks, namely men, seem to be confused about the fun phrase, often misinterpreting it as a “T. H.O.T.” girl summer or even try to shame women for claiming the season as their moment.

Rapper, Megan Thee Stallion’s entire persona is what launched the entire Hot Girl Summer movement. So when ESSENCE had the chance to ask the statuesque rapper about the phrase, we grabbed it.

Thee Stallion told us that Hot Girl Summer is basically women and men being unapologetically themselves, being confident and being the life of the party. Hot Girl Summer is deeper than a phrase that spans one season. It’s a mantra of self-love and appreciation.

But what exactly is a hot girl summer? Who can have one? Are boys invited to the party? Allow The OverExplainer, Danielle Young to break down Hot Girl Summer in the video above.