Survival quickly becomes the name of the game at Essence Festival. It is not for the weak! You’ve got to have your wits about you, a sweat rag, energy that won’t quit, and prayers from your ancestors to make it through.

Saturday, July 6, marked day two of the epic Black Girl Magic festival and what a day! There were so many events happening all over New Orleans in support of the Essence Festival that many goers were forced with the amazing issue of having way too many events to choose from.

Brands like Spotify, Disney, and more invited attendees out for brunches, fireside chats, and the like—and we tried our best to attend each one.

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Between each event, the Convention Center, and prayerfully grabbing dinner before the shows, everyone and their mommas were trying to make sure that they made it to the Superdome in time for Michelle Obama’s conversation with Gayle King.

Mrs. Obama from the South Side gave us so much life. She taught us the importance of getting the right kind of man to meet us at our level and join us in our magnificence. We trust her. If only there was a way to put Michelle Obama into some type of drip that could be placed in an IV straight into our veins.

Because, in conclusion: We stan harder than ever before.

Check out the video recap of day two of Essence Festival above.


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