Essence Festival 2019 is officially over and done with. And in this afterglow, we’re all left with so many feels. The vibes at Essence Festival are gifts beautiful enough to last you not only the rest of your hot girl summer, but the rest of the year.

But if you ask anybody who attended how they feel, 9 times out of 10, you’re gonna get some variation of, “I’m tired, boss.” You get what you give and with so many Black women spreading their magic all over NOLA, it’s no wonder the festival leaves us all spent.

But the final day of Essence Fest is a special one; it’s a spiritual one.

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The day usually begins with a soul-filling Gospel experience, complete with amazing performance by your faves. This year boasted a lineup of Yolanda  Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Tasha Cobb-Leonard, and more. It’s just the type of spiritual energy one needs to make it through the festival’s final day.

But that’s not all Sunday at Essence Fest has to offer. Check out the video above of The OverExplainer breaking down the final day at Essence Festival.


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