'The OverExplainer': Meet These Black Women Trailblazers Who Disrupted And Changed The World

Because disruption is a Black woman's love language.
The Black woman’s impact on America, and the world, is more than enough to be celebrated. And that’s what we do everyday at ESSENCE! When our heels click-clack down the hallways of the ESSENCE office, we know we’re only here because our foremothers were a big part of the brutal fight against America’s racism. Women like Ruby McCullom, the first Black woman to testify against a white man’s rape and sexual abuse, as well as the paternity of the child born of said rape back in the 1950s. Today, we cannot imagine her struggle to speak out against her white rapist in the Antebellum South. But to this trailblazer, it was the only choice. In this episode of The OverExplainer, we lift up women like McCullom. We lift up women like, Cathay Williams, the first Black woman to serve as a soldier in the U.S. Army; Daisy Bates, a journalist and activist who personally guided the Little Rock Nine through integration; and Madame Tinubu, who rebelled against chattel slavery. These Black women are just a few of the disruptors of history that we celebrate. These are women who have risked their lives for the slightest chance that one day, we could all be equal. Let’s celebrate them. Check out the video above.