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The O'Jays Give Advice For The New Generation Of Musicians, Calls Some Trends 'Buffoonery'

The legendary group spoke to ESSENCE about their new music and most iconic song and give some fashion and industry advice to new musicians.

The O’Jays are back, y’all. With their first album in 15 years, The Last Word taps into the group’s signature sound, which fans will be happy to hear.

Still, things have changed for the O’Jays, which is comprised of Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and Eric Grant. Levert admitted to ESSENCE in a recent interview that the music industry is “really a young people’s game now.”

David Becker/Getty Images for Nu-Opp, Inc

“When I came up, we looked at that stuff and said, ‘That’s a lot of buffoonery.’ And some of it is because why would you wear your pants all the way down under your butt? Maybe I’m just old and that’s probably what they’ll say,” he continued on some of music’s fashion trends.

Williams also had a few gems to share about the music industry, including how new artists can market and brand themselves.

“You really do have to establish who you are and what you’re going to be like when you do live,” he said. “Life is very important, especially when you get a hit record. You have to come out and be as good as that hit record.”

Watch the full interview above for more wisdom from the O’Jays, including their message about love.


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