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[MUSIC] Go from Mad Men in the drama, to now Survivor's Remorse. Yes. A great comedy and congratulations on getting season three. Yay, thank you. And what was it like making that transition from a pop cult classic if you will. Drama, predominately white cast to now Survivor's Remorse. It's on Starz, it's an ethnic cast, if you will, and there's a lot of Comedic powerhouses in there, Tichina Arnold, Erica Ash. Absolutely, absolutely. What was that transition like? Jarring. [LAUGH] Very jarring. I mean, I'm sure you guys know Tichina. Mm-hm. And she is, I love her so much. She's such an open. She's a giver. She will give you all the knowledge she has. Mm-hm. And she's She's just such a great model. Just as a young woman in this business. But going from Mad Men, which is just a very quiet set. A very metered set to the crazy, raw, what you see on TV is even more raw. Right. Behind the scenes with my cast. So it was very jarring, but in a good way. Mm-hm. You just felt free, felt fun, happy. Its just a different space, and survivor's remorse, your character Missy. You're known for your beautiful locks, I should say that first. Oh thank you. And preparing for this interview I saw a lot about your hair, but in the show she recently just did the big chop. She did! Was that something you worked with the producers to do? Yes, I Pitched, I actually mentioned it first season, but everything moved so fast that that wasn't able to happen. So myself and female writer, Tracey Oliver, another young black woman doing her thing from South Carolina. Hey Tracey. We both cornered our show runner, Mike O'Malley and said you have to do this story. You have to do this story. And Great. Luckily enough, him and the network they were all behind him and they said sure.

Teyonah Parris on Why her 'Survivors Remorse' Character Went Natural

'Survivors Remorse' star Teyonah Parris dishes on the part she played in making sure that her character went for the "big chop."