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[MUSIC] what about our thoughts on the conflicts we have in our own community? How can we stand against other communities, if you will, stand up for our culture if we're battling internally? I mean, it starts at home. And a lot of this stuff is projected on social media. You see these pictures that people put up This light skin girl, or this dark skin girl, or this brown girl. We're segregated in our own color. Mm-hm. And it's sickening. It should just be this black girl or this African American girl. Mm-hm. This white girl, this Asian girl. It shouldn't be like, this dark skin Asian Or this dark skin like why are we doing? Yep. I mean I've ben guilty of it I'm not gonna lie to you I've been guilty of it. I see the ramifications of it. What did you have to say about a dark skin girl? [CROSSTALK] Hey. I'm just asking. [CROSSTALK] I'm not saying. [LAUGH] Come with me [LAUGH] You have to say about a dark skinned girl. What you have to say, love? I have nothing against Darcy. You better call Kanye. Got a light skinned girl, got a dark skinned friend. And what it is is [LAUGH] And what it is is like from past recently the girls that I've dated have been a little bit lighter, but I think that's because my mom's light skinned. And my mom's a little bit lighter. It's nothing against, I love dark skinned women, they're beautiful. But it's a preference. And it's not just me, it's with a lot of people. And you've been addressed? I've been addressed by that plenty of times, plenty of times. But women have that too. I'm just like, I wanna chocolate N word. Yep. And it's like, well what's wrong with the brown skin? [CROSSTALK] Our game is weak game. After all the guys on Saturday One, Klay Thompson, the kid Gordon and the other dude. They were like team light skin took over this weekend! I'm on my So it's like the undertone of it is just protected in any format that we have and it's sickening, almost. So why do you think As a community, why do we do that? It started all the way back in the days of slavery. I think it's engrained in our minds. It's the same way that racism is still alive today. We haven't really moved forward from that. People say that we've progressed because we have a black president, but obviously we haven't. We still have black kids getting shot by a cop. So it's something that's ingrained in all of our minds, and it takes more than just talking about it amongst each other. We need to have a larger conversation with all races present. And it needs to be something that's taught in schools where people understand this isn't something you should shy away from. You should talk about it openly so that it's not something where when you become an adult you're like team light skin, team dark skin. You wouldn't even think in that manner. [MUSIC] But that's how we think. But see, especially if they're going to a mainstream school, they don't know how deep the illness is in our community in regards to colorism, race, light skin versus dark skin. They're barely teaching Black History in a coherent way. Very valid point. So the fact that you want them to delve deeper and understand the psychosis that divides us. Shave the skin. They can't do that. It's up to us to fix that problem, and it's gonna take a lot of work. It's gonna take a lot of honesty. It's gonna take a lot of people being like, I'm self loathing. I don't like the way I look, and as a result, I don't like the way you look because you make me think of myself. And that's a hard thing to admit. And, and, and that's a very deep conversation. There's so many different levels. So many layers. Cuz there's also the physical aspect Expect to it, you go into the mental and spiritual aspect of it. So many different. Like a social class. It's so many things on top of to that one. To that one thing. [MUSIC]

Team Dark Skin, Team Light Skin and The Impact Colorism Still Has on the Black Community

Why is colorism still such a huge issue in our community? We delve into it and more on 'ESSENCE Live.'