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Now it's no secret that your hubby, Vince, wants more children, as we discover watching the show. What's your position on that now? Well, I bought him a pig, and, so God is good. Won't he do it? I don't know, you know what, really, honestly, I'm just really fresh out of the hospital and being home and going right back to work, who knows? I don't know. I can't say that I'm not and I just want to be healthy first and then we can talk about that. Possibly giving Logan a baby sister or brother. [LAUGH] Maybe. How's Logan doing? He's amazing. That's been since junior, you are just a carrier. They used to be. You know that. [LAUGH] Yeah. I know that. I do know that. Yeah. You know, Logan's amazing. He's amazing special boy. And he's grown. [MUSIC]

Is Tamar Braxton Ready for Baby #2?

Tamar Braxton dishes on whether or not she's ready to give baby Logan a sibling.