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Today on Essence Live, we're celebrating Black Women in Music with special guests Tamar, Mio, Erica Campbell, and special performances from Kiki Wyatt. And Antony Smith. Get ready. This show is going to be a good one. But right now it's a hotlist of biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [NOISE] Now, for everyone who thinks Cam Newton displayed poor sportsmanship during that post-Super Bowl press conference, the Carolina quarterback has an answer for you. He's human. After losing to the Denver Broncos 24-10 in last week's game, Cam was criticized for his abrupt answers to the media and for seemingly sulking about the loss. He recently told reporters, and I quote, I've been on record to say I'm a sore loser. Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser And I'm going to show you a loser. It's not a popularity contest. I'm here to win football games. [BLANK_AUDIO] And speaking of the Super Bowl, you all haters still mad about Beyonce's performance or no? The Daily Show's Jessica Williams has the perfect clap back. Watch. Race was brought in because Beyonce was brought in and Brace yourself, you might wanna sit down for this, but Beyonce is black. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] And as a black person, you walk around everyday constantly reminded that you are black. We're more likely to get paid less, we're more likely to get sent to prison, and we're more likely to win a dance competition. What? It's not all bad. [NOISE] The Justice Department is suing the City of Ferguson, Missouri for years of unconstitutional policing. The law suit accuses the city of using law enforcement to generate revenue through unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests and the use of unreasonable force. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch stressed the urgency of the case in a news conference this week, saying that Ferguson residents have quote waited decades for justice and should not have to wait any longer. All right, all right, all right. Essence's seventh annual black women in music celebration happens tonight in Los Angeles. And the event is sure to be star-studded as always. Jasmine Sullivan, Andrea Day will hit the stage to perform their Grammy nominated tunes, while Estelle, Anthony Hamilton, Salt and Pepper, Corrine Baily Ray. And many, many more are expected to walk the red carpet. We'll have exclusive coverage of the event on of course. And speaking of the Grammy's congratulations are in order for our girl Tamar who is up for best R&B performance this year. We're going to talk to her about her new music Hit TV shows. Yes, I said shows. And more in an exclusive sit down next. It's Thursday, February 11th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome, welcome, welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. Today we have a fabulous show for you. Come on, you know how we do. But this is your show as much as it is ours. So let's hear from you. Use the #ESSENCELIVE to join the conversation or email us at and we'll tell you how you can call in Live to talk to our celebrity guest. All right, so as I mentioned, today is Essence's seventh annual Black Women in Music event, and our correspondent, Alicia Renee, is in LA with the 411. Hey, Alicia. Thanks, Dana. Hey guys. Alesha Renee here in sunny California. Be jealous. I'm standing in front of the Avalon, where the 2016 Essence Women in Music event will be happening. I'm so excited about this year's event as it features Grammy nominated artist, Jasmine Sullivan, as well as my personal favorite, Miss Andra Day. So you guys definitely want to hang around, because I have some lovely red carpet footage from these ladies as well as so many others And we also have an interview with one half of Mary Mary's own miss Erica Campbell. She's talking all things Mary Mary as well as what we can expect from her. So with that, back to you, Dana. Thank you so much, Alicia. We'll check back. Acting with you, a little bit later on in the show. Join me right now, in the studio is friend to the show, singer, TV host, mom, wife, entrepreneur and [UNKNOWN] to all things fabulous, Ms. Tamar Braxton. Hi darling. Hi, hi, hi, how are you?>> Amazing How are you. I'm fabulous. Good. Your energies always great. I'm always really happy to have you here. Thank you. Of course right before the Grammys. Yeah, I'm always happy to come. I love it here. It's a good time. And you look fabulous. But how are your feeling because you gave all of your fans and I'm sure your family and of course yourself, a huge scare. How is your health doing. I'm feeling much better. I'm just starting to feel like the old TaTa. Mm-hm. And it was a really tough time. Time it was very unexpected, it came out of the blue, but I'm doing great. Now have you learned how to balance work, all of your projects and obtain more time to take better care of yourself? Well, that's not what happened. I got blood clots and you don't get them from working. [LAUGH] So no [LAUGH] I'm still doing, I still do everything that I love to do. But right now I'm just starting to start getting back into the swing of things. Performances and things of that nature? Yeah. Now it's not secret that your hubby Vince wants more children as we discover watching the show. What's your position on that now? Well I bought him a pig and so god is good, won't he do it? I don't know. You know what really honestly I'm just really fresh out of the hospital and being home and going right back to work. Who know, I don't know I can't say that I'm not and I just wanna be healthy first and then we can talk about that. Possibly giving Logan a baby brother or sister. Child. [LAUGH] How's Logan doing? He's amazing. That's Vince junior. You were just the carrier. You know that. They used me. Yes, I do know that. You know Logan's amazing. Special boy and He's grown. [LAUGH] And you're on reality tv. Yeah. I hear that sometimes you forget the cameras are there. Are there ever any moments that you wish were not captured? A lot of them. [LAUGH] That you weren't as open with your life as you are? Well you know for me, I have nothing to hide, and my life is an open book, because I just feel like my experiences, people get to learn from them and make different decisions. Or if they're going through something, maybe they. See my experience and want to do what I did about the situation. In the aspect no, but sometimes things that I say yeah, especially to my siblings. [LAUGH] Which I'm working on that. I'm trying to really stop. [LAUGH] I'm really trying to stop to give my unsolicited advice. Not understand that and speaking of your siblings, when you were in the hospital we saw Wanda came to see you, and it was a very heartfelt moment, you mentioned that you hadn't seen or spoken to her in three months. What caused the rift? Life. I just haven't seen her, I haven't really talked to her that much, we were on a group chat, but that was really just about it and for her to walk Through those doors without any notice. It was just amazing. It reminds you in those moments what's important. What's important. And it's family, and it's your loved ones, and it's your good friends. And, you know, people that Really show up when you're down and out.>> Was it true that [UNKNOWN] wanted to do Dancing with the Stars.>> I think she did, but you know, I didn't go after Dancing with the Stars. They came after me twice, and when they asked me the second time I was like this is a good time for me to learn how to dance instead of twerking all the time. [CROSSTALK] With a twerk.>> With my hands on my knees like what.>> Nothing wrong with a twerk. I mean, like. We can't do that every place. [INAUDIBLE] And, what did you take away from Dancing With The Stars? I mean, watching you learn new choreography every week. Yeah. Cuz you're an artist. Yeah. But, you get time in the studio to go over a track over and over again, or make Make new changes but week to week you have new material. Yeah. What was that like for you? It was tough but it was fun. You know Val was my partner and he was amazing, we're still good friends today. And you know I really wanted to challenge my And I think I did that, It was tough though. It was like five and six hours of practice. I would go to The Real and then go to Dancing with the Stars. I don't know how you did that.That must have been a hella-fine protein shake. [LAUGH] It was good, my body was in the best shape ever. So what is a day in life like for you? How do you manage to do four shows and a music career and a mommy, how, seriously Just like a Tuesday. You know, seriously, it's like I go to work and I shoot a couple of scenes, I'll play with my baby, cook dinner, and these are all things I love to do. And so just like you, you want to get your hair cut, you want to get your nails done, you know You make time for things you really wanna do. Right. And so that's what I look at as far as my career. I just make sure I do things that I really, really am passionate about. No, definitely. Now Tracey was on the show. Was she? That's my girl. Two weeks ago, yeah. She Skyped in. We played a game with her called one gotta go. Lord. And we played Okay, before I tell you her answer. So [INAUDIBLE] we chose four options, which would you get rid of, it's a game on social media right now. And we used all four of the sister. So, Tony, Tracy, Tonawanda, or Trina, which one got to go? Man, I don't want to play that game. [LAUGH] And she had the same exact answer too. My Gosh, [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] She's gonna say they all gonna stay. It's a special bond with individual, you know what I mean. We're sisters and when we get together, it's a force to be reckoned with. Trust me and believe that. But, I go each sister for different things. Right. Yeah. It's a good team it's like a good [UNKNOWN] a committee. Yeah I need my gals. Yes your gonna be sticking around a little bit later in the show. I'm gonna be sticking around. Team [UNKNOWN] is here. Don't move Essence Live fans [UNKNOWN] will be joining us a little bit later on. Next we're talking to Ne-Yo about his new music and what it was really like being on The Wiz live, but first Kiki Wyatt stops by our Essence Live Studios recently to perform her latest single, Sexy Song, which is on sale right now, check it out. [MUSIC] It in my soul, When the speakers below. Releasing all my tension.Who's in control [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Teriah B. Henson. What's up you all guys. Hi, this is Trey Beyers. I play Andre Line. And I'm Jesse Small at Agent Online. You're watching Essence LIve. Essence Live. Essence Live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live and I'm your host Dana Blair. In studio right now is a man whose songs, I don't know, you may have been singing along to, you may have heard once or twice. Please welcome Ne-Yo to the show. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining us. Happy to be here. I'm kind of starstruck. You've taken me through like every single break up, get back together, break up, get back together, back together, break up. Happy to be of service. [LAUGH] Thank you so much for joining us, and congratulations on The Wiz Live. Yeah, man. What was that like? Man, I had a ball with that, I really did. Shout out to Elijah Kelley and David Alan Grier and Shanice My little sister. [LAUGH] Your little sister. Yeah. And Queen Latifah, just everybody, Mary J. Blige, it was an amazing time. I will say it was definitely a labor of love, cuz it was a lot of work. And, you know, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But it was all worth it at the end cuz people dug it, you know. Have you been bit by the Broadway bug now? A little bit. I will say I had a lot of fun with it. I even started inquiring about, you know, some Broadway stuff. Then learned what that dedication is. [LAUGH] You know. That's a serious committment you've got to put in for that. Wait, writing an original? Or- No, just doing Broadway period. Mm-hm. They lock you in for like a year. Yes. And then it's like eight, nine shows a week. And it's a lot. And I've got a whole other life But I've got to [CROSSTALK] But I love it, I love acting, I definitely want to do more acting. It's funny that you mentioned the writing and all of that because that's kind of what I'm more interested in, Okay. getting into more scree play, script writing. That type of thing. Definitely. Now did you see any of the memes from The Wiz Live? Yeah. Cuz social media had a field day. I did, I did. I was happy that we didn't get the hatred that we was expecting to be honest. Really. You know what black Twitter do. They sit back and wait for you to mess up so they can talk crazy about, that's how they do it. But it's The Wiz This is a classic. True and that was another part of some of the hatred we was getting people on some Wiz is a classic leave it alone ya'll gone mess it up. That whole thing. But it came out and people didn't have a whole lot of negative to say so that just ment for us that we did our job. Cause we knew what to expect. You did a very good job. So we did everything in our power to make sure we didn't get a whole lot of that. And speaking of writing, you're now apart of Empire, season two. Indeed, indeed. What is that experience like? Because, as an artist you usually have time to go over. I mean of course, I could imagine writing, and that sort of thing. And producing, and singing. But now you have to pump that stuff out, week after week, after week. Yeah, man yeah. And have it in line with the storyline, and a whole other level of variables. What's that like? To be honest with you, the way you just put it makes it sound really, really difficult, but honestly it's really not. They make it as painless as possible, the people that write the script. And then the people that then bring the information as far as what song is needed, they're all Super duper detailed, you know what I mean? So it's basically okay, we need this kind of song in this kind of scene, and it needs to say this. Go. And I'm like well you already did half the hard work for me. All right, here you go. And the rest is history. And it doesn't hurt that you're talented. Well, that might. That helps just a little bit. Just a little bit, little bit. Now I have to ask you about the hat. Now because you recently took your hat off. I thought we were gonna be twinsies. Well, see the thing is. I decided to do this whole self-love thing at the worst possible time. It's cold as hell outside. [LAUGH] Yeah. I understand. Trust me. So with no hair on the head. [CROSSTALK] You feel my pain. I understand what you're saying. With no hair on the head it makes it a little colder. For you, so, yeah, come summer time you'll definitely see more of the dome but right now with all that happening out there I'm gonna go ahead and keep that [UNKNOWN] Are you gonna share with the Essence Live family the baldy? It's warm in here. See, man, you called me out. Okay, so here's the thing. What had happened was I have decided that I am no longer ashamed of my head. Mm-hm. However, just like anybody, just like any hair stylist, you're not gonna walk out the house with your hair undone, right? True. So i'm not gonna show my head when I haven't had Had a hair cut. You know, I understand on a whole other level Ne-Yo. You know when it's clean and it's shaven it's nice and. Tell you anything what. Boom. But the hair starts growing back. You feel just dirty and homeless. I understand how you feel, but. Sleeping on the floor. On the floor. In your own home. Curled up. Curled up like what's wrong with my life. With no heat. I get it. I get it. What's wrong with my life. But on a brighter note, though. Sorry, go ahead. Okay, it's okay. You were living there. I can't let you sit there, though. I can't let you stay on the floor. Thank you, pull me up. I'm gonna bring you back up. Congratulations on your engagement. Thank you. Thank you very much. Shout out to the lovely Ms. Crystal Williams. I don't know which camera I'm supposed to be looking at. There you go. Hey SJ. That's the best of what. What kind of wedding, is it gonna be big, small, intimate. It's gonna be private Hot outside, cold outside. Private outside. Mm-hm mm-hm mm-hm, groomsmen, bridesmaids. Private's groom. What's you eating? What you eating? I mean talk to me?>> Great chef we're working with. His name is Private [UNKNOWN] I think he's French.>> With a spin.>> [INAUDIBLE] Yeah something like that.>> Nice. Sounds very exotic.>> Very much so, yeah. [LAUGH] Yeah, you know what? Really we trying to keep it low man.>> I understand.>> I mean I'm not doing this celebrity wedding. I'm not doing that. Like this is not, it's not so much for the world, it's for us. You know what I mean. But is it [INAUDIBLE]. No disrespect or nothing I just, you know, I have to prefer to keep, you know. Fine. Just respect it's your life as your personal life. I mean I don't wanna come over like ask him a question [UNKNOWN] Don't wanna answer my damn question. Not that you [UNKNOWN] I totally don't. That wasn't my impression of you. No, not at all. I'm just saying, you know, that's how it could have been taken. But no, I'm, you know, trying to keep it light. Trying to keep it light. Got you. So Valentine's Day is coming up. I know you have something elaborate planned. Yes, I do and I'm not gonna talk about it [UNKNOWN] I didn't ask! I wasn't gonna ask for it! I think that's the thing about surprises. They're not surprises anymore when you talk about them. But yeah definitely planning some stuff for Valentine's. I got to. But what about the brothers out there, Essence Live or the women that are trying to drop hints for their man. What can they do for Valentine's Day. Got any tips for them? Okay well I definitely do. Alright Well one misconception that a lot of men make is that you've got to spend a lot of money on valentines day. It's not about how much money you've spent, it's about how much thought you've put into the gift. Agreed. See, what most men do when you say you don't got to spend a lot of money Just going to get something cheap and you like well you said I don't got to spend no money. Don't blame me on you relationships. No. Don't do it. That's not what I mean. The thoughtful gift is not always the expensive gift. Figure out what it is you know about your woman. What if your woman don't like roses? You walk into the house with a big bouquet of roses, you think you did something and that ain't even her favorite flower. Get her her favorite flower Take her to her favorite restaurant, get her favorite fragrance for her. Without asking her what it is. Cuz that just ruined the whole thing. Do some research. Do some research. You go and bring her a fragrance that she absolutely loves and she goes, how did you. I pay attention baby. That shows her that you are paying attention. That you are invested in this relationship. That you're not just sitting back letting her do this Waiting on your turn to talk, until the game come on. Well you're going to stick around and you're going to talk with us a little bit later on in the show. I am. I will do that. Thank you very much. All right, so we're going to talk to you and Tamar in a little Grammy segment coming up next. But first Essence's seventh annual black Music event is in Los Angeles tonight and our LA correspondent Alisha Rene will have all of your red carpet coverage of course, on Right now she has an exclusive interview with gospel singer Erica Campbell about her thoughts on the Grammy voting process. You know, I've been blessed, I have five Grammy's. Four with Mary May, one by myself Still Mary Mary has never performed on the Grammy's. I never even been invited to. I just assumed. Yeah. No. Never. You know, I have feelings about that but I do know that the Grammy's at large do a lot. If you are a part of Grammy's in the School, if you're a part of the Grammy Cares Foundation, if you're a part of those things then when they have those meetings you're a part- and they can not just be My song was hot this year. It is being a part of that community. And so when they're thinking of people, your accomplishments come up. Like if you live in your own bubble. And creative people, we can do that at times. Yeah. We can live in our own bubble. We do our own thing, and then we come out. What you have to be a part of the world and then they pay a little bit more attention. I am extremely surprise that you guys have not been invited. We've asked many many times. And I'm saying you put in your work even if it's not serving you and still the fruits have not come in that particulate. So, it's like. You know I believe they'll come in time. Okay, that's true. I mean. Because if you stress out about it then what? You still didn't perform. Yeah. Okay. So. All right, girl. What is that gonna do really? Yeah. You're right. And then you hold this in your heart and it becomes animosity and when you do finally perform it's kind Coming from a- A nasty place. It's not totally. A nasty place. Like finally I'm here. Finally here. You don't want that. Yeah. I don't want that. Let's talk about the sound. Mm-hm. You guys have traditionally taken both as Mary Mary and then yourself individually. You know, as you're The solo project, a less tradition route when it comes to delivering your message.>>My brand of gospel has never been buttoned just for me, just us christian folk, we're in a christian club, and we drink christian water and we're christian. Come on christian water.>>Boo, boo to that. If I have the light isn't my light. Effective in darkness. I have never wanted my brand of gospel to only be in the church. I love it when church people applaud it and believe it and support it cuz you get where I'm coming from But if I can talk to somebody who thinks that this is the end for me, if I can talk to somebody who didn't grow up with their parents, who didn't grow up in the ideal kind of situation, what is ideal anyway? Who didn't grow up with love and acceptance. If I can offer that through my music, that's what I'm supposed to do. So everybody won't like me, everybody won't love me, everybody won't think, yeah that's good. Everybody won't cosine. That's totally fine. Right. My mom dealt with that. Because my mom was a beautiful woman who have curves. And even church and time her clothes is tight. And I remember when I was a little girl. Says daddy show her tight clothes. I taught my mama was fun. Yeah. As I grow up and I realized she had the heart of gold. Mm-hm. That was most important. Yeah. [SOUND] Welcome back to Essence live. Unfortunately Neyo had to bounce. But you know, that's what happens when you have live TV. But my girl Tamar is back! Yo! So we got this, gonna hold this sofa down. So the Grammys again are this weekend, and congratulations Tamar, you're nominated for best R&B performance category. Thank you. How does it feel? Feels amazing! You know, when my album came out I couldn't support it because I got sick all of a sudden. I just I'm just very excited and honored that the Academy decided to nominate me. Especially for best performance. That means I really sang my face off. Yes you did. [LAUGH] Now do you already have your look together, your red carpet? I do not. I do not. Now when is that process gonna take place? My God. It's been a process for like, two weeks now. [LAUGH] So how do you pick? What do you do? I don't know. I'm very indecisive. I probably will pick the day of because I'm really, I know I have some good choices I just don't know what I'm feeling yet. And so whenever you pick the outfit do you stand in the mirror and practice your poses? It's a feeling. A vibe. It's a feeling. It's a moment. Yeah. [LAUGH] Now, when you are sitting in the audience and they call out the names and you're waiting to hear if you won or not, what goes through your head? Nothing. Nothing at all? It's just like quiet? The last time- Nothing. Mm-hm. It was just like, first of all, I didn't really know that it was real. [LAUGH] And I probably would have the same feeling. Like, where am I? What happened? That's something that I pray to God never gets old to me. I hope that that new feeling will always be for me. Yeah. Now, I want to hear some Grammy predictions. From you. Okay, okay. Okay so the biggest award of the night, album of the year, this year's nominees are Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes, Two people butterfly by Kendrick Lamar, Traveler, Chris Stapleton, 1989, Taylor Swift and Beauty behind the madness, the weekend. My God it's so hard. I mean they really got that nomination [INAUDIBLE] Who do you think is taking it? My goodness. My gut tells me Taylor Swift. Tay-tay? Ms. Swift. Yeah I really enjoyed that album. I really- First of all I'm a Swifter. You're a Swifter? My friend Tamale made me a Swifter. Really? She made me a sweatshirt. Amazing, amazing. Okay. Okay. So we're gonna take some viewer questions from Facebook. Hi! All right, so, let's see, from Facebook we have Karen Davis. She says, Tamar, I want you to rest up and I hope you are healing well. So when are you going to go back on tour and will you be at the Essence festival this year? My God, I hope I'm at the Essence Festival this year. That would be amazing! Yeah, you know right now no I'm not going back on tour. My body is not all the way healed especially for the tour life. I love to go on tour, but not as of yet. How does it feel whenever you're on stage because my friend Tanya's a huge fan of yours? And everyone is in the audience singing your song along with you. It's really amazing, it's magical. That energy coming back. Yeah, because let me tell you what happens. The audience have no idea that they give me everything and it's just like a big old love fest, so when they give me love, I give it right back and it's amazing. I think she goes just to sing along with you to be honest with you. [LAUGH] I'd say Marsha, concert is the best ever. The concert And this one comes from Tiffany White. Will you and Adrienne do a duet together. I don't know. I mean that would be great. You know, I don't know how we'd probably have to sit on stools because she's 4'11" and I'm 5'7". [LAUGH] And the right lighting? I'm gonna ask her tonight. We're gonna get together for dinner and I'm gonna ask her. Alright, okay.>> Yeah.>> Now I have one more from Chamelio Salamander who wants to know.>> Come on name.>> Come through with a name right?>> Yes Chamelio!>> Do you think R and B music dying?>> I do not. I do not. I think that R and B music Has definitely made a comeback. And I do think that if everyone says they love R and B, don't want it to die. Don't let it die. Don't let it die. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. I love coming here. Your time. Your energy. I wanna be standing there in my pajamas with some popcorn yelling at the tv screen, I got your back. If you hear me, somebody crazy in the background Thank you, girl. Thank you so much. I'm wishing you all the best. Coming up, it's our black girl magic moment of the week, plus Antonique Smith performs her new single exclusively for Essence Live. But first, let's go back to Los Angeles and check in with out correspondent Alicia Renee, who is talking to Erica Campbell about that infamous white dress she wore before she broke the Christian internet, honey. With the white dress, when I showed them the dress- I was juts about to say, you drove the internets crazy in the white dress, in the white bodycon on the Instagram, you did it for the gram. I did. [LAUGH] You did it for the gram. I thought that was gonna be my album cover, some emails went through with my team and they were looking at the picture And somebody said album cover, somebody said promotional and it got kind of confused and we put the picture out there before we were supposed to do but it gave so much attention it served as a wonderful bit of promotion for the album and it also allowed me to talk about christianity and And sexuality. Yeah. And not be afraid or ashamed of my curves, and not vilify myself or even other young church girls who are curvy and beautiful. What's coming up next for miss Campbell? The hairline is out, Yes. Erica by Erica Campbell. You know I am working on a book right now I did my More Than Pretty conference last year. I'm turning that into a book. On social media I do Ericaisms, so just my thoughts on life, empowering and uplifting- Is it a compilation of that? Yes, it will be the Ericaisms Along with confessions. I am loved, I am forgiving, I am necessary, I am powerful, just different things to affirm and scriptures to go with it, because I always have to back it up with the word of god. It's not just me, I'm following his guideline, you know what I mean? His Planned path in my life so I want to share as much as I can. I think you've been given a platform where people are paying attention. What are they paying attention to? Kind of like everybody got upset with sister Beyonce, who I love. I don't care. You can tear me up if you want to. Yes I love her. Mother B has to love you, baby. [LAUGH] Yeah. She does her music, but she takes a stance and she's so posed and she's so classy and she's so together and she does not let anybody ruffle her feather. Yeah. However so people were side tracked, from the Christian prospective. Why would you support her? She always got her body out, but the girl's body is beautiful. God created it. I mean she works hard for it. She works hard. Takes care of it. Right. You know. I think that's why the Lord won't give me good legs like that. Girl please. Church dressed like Beyonce. No I'm just kidding. Don't, just playing. Why did you say that. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] All year long, Essence is celebrating Black Girl Magic. And starting February 25th, you can watch our original Black Girl Magic series on And today, we're highlighting UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus, who recently whipped, nae naed, and slayed her floor routine. Check it out. Then put on a show in-between. [BLANK_AUDIO] [APPLAUSE] Stuck that landing. Yeah she did. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Pass. Combination. Wow. [APPLAUSE] Now if I tried to flip like that I would need a hip replacement by Monday, but she definitely did her thing and showed us why she's so magical. Salud to you, Sophina. And remember, go to for our original black girl magic docuseries starting February 25th and red carpet coverage of our seventh annual black women in music event. Thanks to Ne-Yo, Tamar, Keke Wyatt, and Erica Campbell for coming through. I'll see you right here next week for an all new Essence Live. We're going to close things out with another exclusive performance. Here's Antonique Smith performing her latest single All We Really Have is Now. I'm your host Dana Blair and I'll see you next time. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] To believe in. The future's just a promise that may change with the weather. The past is just a photo book. Still I'm chasing forever. Why do I keep searching for the never-ending fire? All we really have is love, is [MUSIC] All we really have is love. It's overcast with a chance of sunshine. Trying to make it last, while I know you're [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Tamar Braxton and Ne-Yo Talk Love, Life & Music on 'ESSENCE Live'

On this week's episode of ESSENCE Live, we discuss the week's hottest topics, including Cam Newton's response to critics and Beyonce's "Formation", Tamar Braxton dishes on whether she'll have another baby, Ne-Yo talks his engagement, Erica Campbell dishes on the message behind her music and more! #EssenceLive