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[SOUND] The holiday season is well underway and that means spending time with love ones. Eating, eating and of course more eating [LAUGH] so being thankful and of course partying but Sometimes you're heading to the festivities straight from work, and no one wants to go to work wearing their turnt up outfit. Though some of you may. But we're not going to talk about that, joining me I have TV personality and founder of, Ms. Tya [UNKNOWN], how are you? Hey love Thank you for coming back. Thank you, and it's good to be back. I know you always have goodies. I do have goodies, I didn't bring any food, but I did bring some makeup and some beauty and some fashions. So as you said, you know the holiday season is here. A lot of people don't have to bring their entire wardrobe to the office to get ready for the event. True. But we do carry coats when we go into the office. Yep, definitely. I'm saying that The three things that you want to be concerned about are your hair, you want to be concerned makeup, and accessories. So you don't have to bring dresses and shoes and all of that to the office. And these are things that are pretty light, pretty simple that can have a big difference and a big impact. Absolutely! So you can take that look that you wore during the day, and go straight to the party and be [MUSIC] Hey! And we also have our beautiful model joining us. Thank you so much Before we get started what would you say is the biggest limit woman face when having to transform their work look into their evening work. Well I think sometimes people try to do too much. You want to make it effortless and you want to make it easy because often times Racing from the office. Right. Right. To the office party. So I just say keep it super simple. Worry about those three things. Worry about your hair. Worry about your makeup and then your accessories and it's all about building on what you did already during the day. Okay. So if you wear a nice little suit like this, we're going to show you how to transform. Okay, so what's first, is it hair? Let's, let's actually, yeah let's start with hair. All right. These are headbands. Oh, these are really cute. And so Setoya, Sequoyah, excuse me, has really, really great hair, but you can just change your look very simply, I'm going to ask you to put this on. Oh, and all of these are headbands too. These all, all of these are headbands that we have around there, so I am all about head gear, as you know I wear hat's all the time. And I actually like turbans and hats that you can do as well if you didn't want to wear a headband. But a headband is a very simple way to transform your day look into your night look, right? Oh that [CROSSTALK] So she's taking it off her face. And it has a little bit of a metallic detail, so that's very festive. And appropriate as well for the holidays. That is super cute, too. Yep, super, super cute. And it really opened her face right up. Opened her face right up for the makeup that we're gonna do, because that's number two. Okay, talk to me. So, Sequoia right now just has a very natural look for day and going into the office. She has on a black liner, which is great, but what we're gonna do is, we're gonna add a little soft shimmer eye shadow. Now, I'm no makeup artist. [LAUGH] Be clear. I can do my makeup and I'm gonna try and do Secoya's a little bit. But, very simply, you just want to add a nice little soft film of a shimmer shadow, right above that liner there. We're gonna do that to both eyes. I did good. Whoa. That's pretty. That is very good. Thank you. Thank you very much. And it's simple and easy because most of us are not make up artists and we're sitting in our office. There's different funny colored flourescent lights- Lights. Exactly. you know all kinds of things. Or everyone's in the bathroom trying to use the same three mirrors. Exactly but what I like about these pallets Too. They have a lot of different shades. So if you wanted to be more adventurous, go for it but what I'm trying to tell you to do is just kind of keep it super super-easy. So, we did that nice little soft film, so you have a little bit of iridescence there on her eyes, right? Okay. Beautiful. What I'm gonna do, she has that- Oh, liner's so intimidating for me. Don't be intimidated. But I love it but I'm so So intimidated by the line up. You're in good hands, darling. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Already has this beautiful line here across that, close, you got to close now, I'm just going to add a little bit of a wing tip out here. Okay, so just building upon what she- What she already has, yeah, so that's very, very simple. Mm hm It's not so straight because I'm trying to do it on her eye, not my eye. No but it works. You're just continuing. I just extended that, so it's a little bit of a cat eye. Nice. So there's a little bit of drama, and look at her eyes, how gorgeous. The headband, the eyeshadow. Right. And that took like five minutes maybe. Not even that, not even that. I mean I could do it in thirty seconds because I'm superwoman, no. [LAUGH] And then we're just going to change her lip color. So she has a very, Nude colored lip right now. We're gonna do more of a bold colored lip. And you could do something fire engine like I have. And do you prefer, for an evening look, more of a gloss versus a matte look? I'm gonna tell you, I'm really Into mattes right now. I'm very into mattes. Can you just [SOUND]. Yes, perfect. Thank you. I'm trying to build without doing too much and then I'll have you touch up too. But because the color's also similar to the color that she had on, It's already lined perfectly. Right. And even if you don't want to go in that much, you can create a simple hombre look, right? Oh and how do you do that? Because the line that she has around her lip is similar in hue but it's a little bit lighter. And then we just put deeper shade there in the center. Oh, in the middle. Just right in the center Ooh! Something very kissable. Her lips are gorgeous. Wait, I'm gonna try and do this because I like perfection. Don't play with me. Like we didn't know that. But this is what I like, so all we have here i like this cute little makeup kit, we used this very, very nice color there, soft shimmer, the liner And then you're like. You did not have to bring your entire bathroom with you. No, leave your sink in the bathroom at home, please Dana. Okay, now let's talk accessories. So accessories. So this is another very easy look. What I want you to do Sequoyah is take off your blazer because all [INAUDIBLE] are going into. Here I'll take it for you. Thank you! I love that you're playing stylist today to Dana. So we are just going to a three simple things. Three is the magic number today. The first thing I want you to do is grab that bib necklace Huge statement piece, but very, very easy. These are inexpensive too, you can find some of these pieces at [INAUDIBLE] all those other great places. And so look, we're giving her a little bit of a bling, you look very, very gorgeous and glamorous, we're also going to give her a bracelet. Nice. Something in that same gold hue. The same family. The same family. Boom. Boom It was already so different. So different. It was such a different look entirely. And then we're going to give her the bag. [CROSSTALK]. And this one has, I love this detail because you also don't want to be too matchy matchy I Something for the holidays, right. When you have the nice, kind of, necklace and all that shine, you wanna mix it up to give it a little bit of edge and fun too. But she looks gorgeous, and this is how you transform from an all black day look into going tonight. [MUSIC]

Tai Beauchamp on How to Transition From Work to Play This Season

Dazzle at your office holiday party with fashion expert Tai Beauchamp's tips on how to transform a buttoned-up day look to a fierce night look in three easy steps!