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[MUSIC] Hey, it's Myleik Teele of curlBOX, and I am here to give you some traveling tips for the summer for natural hair. The first tip that you always want to remember is to pack light. So many of us have to take our shampoo, our conditioner, our leave in, and our stylers. And one tip is to just take a really light conditioner and co wash, that way your hair is already moisturized and you can have a really light style. One tip that a lot of people never really remember is to keep a scarf. Packed in your suitcase. How many times have you gotten places and it's time to go to bed and your ready to wrap your hair and you have no scarf? I keep a scarf packed in just about every suitcase. I've gone and gotten just, you know, inexpensive ones so that you can always keep them there and make sure your hair is perfect for the next day. Another one of my favorite travel tips is to go and get the really small. Three ounce travel containers. I know that some of our favorite products come really, really huge. And there's just like, there's no way that I can't have my main or my favorite product. And so I always encourage people to go and keep those stocked up. So that whenever you have a new fav, you can just have it travel ready. Another travel tip. And I always tell people this, vacation and the summer and natural hair. Vacation is the best time to try new products. Try all of those samples that you have collected over the course of the year because if it doesn't work out, you're on vacation, you can pull it up in a ponytail. It's a great way, over the course of your summer break, to find out what new things you like, without having to go to work tomorrow. And if you're like me and you love travelling to really hot places, I love Mexico, you want to be sure to protect your hair from the UV rays. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but you can spray a little bit of sunscreen throughout your hair to protect it. I know that many of us only remember to spray our bodies when we're out there baking in the sun, but you wanna be sure. To spray your hair as well to protect it from the UV rays. [MUSIC]

Summer Travel Tips For Natural Hair

CurlBOX Founder Myleik Teele offers quick tips before jet-setting across the globe this summer.