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Hey everybody, sorry I can't be there. I guess you know who I am, but I am a huge supporter of Essence Festival, I'm really sorry I can't be there today. But I can't wait to touch down on the shores of Derbin, South Africa, for the very first, ever, international Essence Festival. I am, like I said, just a huge fan of Essence, I've been a part of it for years My girl Michelle Ebanks you're in great hands. Essence represents joy and class, beauty and achievement and it's been my calling as an entertainer as a media personality and as a motivational speaker to elevate that same mission. Now a lot of the issues we talk about every day in America on my radio show On my talk show, so powerful that they resonate globally. So we talking about improving our relationships. Or we talk about positioning ourselves for success in life. And we talk about, And extending economic opportunities for all people. Now personally, I've had an extraordinary journey of business success. And I am committed to investing time, energy and resources to strategically develop business And commerce in Africa. And there is no better platform than my friends at the Essence Festival to bring together our community. To celebrate our culture of Black experience and to create Accelerate economic opportunities for everybody. I might tell a joke or two but we are all going to leave with the knowledge and inspiration to connect our business interest in the United States and Africa so thank you all for having me I look forward to seeing you all in November, I'll be there tell everybody I'm coming. Red carpet all that I need all of that. Drums everything, everybody two animals, [LAUGHS] Two animals.

Steve Harvey Talks About ESSENCE Festival Durban

The media personality is confirmed to join us at the first-ever ESSENCE Festival in South Africa! Book your travel now!