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[MUSIC] Hey it's your girl Dee Woods at the Essence festival partnering with Statefarm. And as you can see people are getting in the groove. Literally with State Farm. Let's go talk to the people, see how they get in the groove. And ask them how they would dance if they were onstage and all eyes were on them? [NOISE] Let's see the dance that you give when you're onstage and everybody's watching you. [MUSIC] Get it. [MUSIC] Oh, I already see the wild one in the bunch is this one right here! [MUSIC] You are our savior Get in the group, contact the winner. Yay! Brianna, tell us where you are coming from? Mirabelle, Indiana, it's right next to Gary, Indiana. Right next to Michael Jackson and them's house. Yep. Show us some of these moves. Oh, I wasn't ready. Hey, break it down. Ow, ow, in a dress, she don't care. It's all good, whoa. Well, there you have it. The crowd has spoken. A lot of graduations, a lot of new homes, a lot of birthdays. Whatever your milestone is, keep dancing to your own groove. [MUSIC]
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