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[MUSIC] My name is Algebra Blessett, I describe myself as a performing artist. I'm a singer songwriter. I'm a work in progress, so I'm ever changing. I was born and raised in Atlanta. We have the best of everything. Atlanta plays a great role in my music. What helps me go further Several things, a song that just came out last week, a dance move that, I probably did when I was younger, but somehow it just kinda came back around. You can go anywhere in Atlanta and get a little taste of anywhere in the world. My name is [MUSIC] My name is Willie Wallace, better known as Chef Willie Wallace. I really consider myself a culinary artist. I tell you, what inspires me to go further is helping people. I get direct messages, emails, about people, they're telling me that they changed their life. And what we're starting to see now. [MUSIC] A lot of people are starting to be more aware of their health, and they're looking at more vegan options, as well. Spring Street, Atlanta. [SOUND] Setting destination. [MUSIC] You can eat a plant based diet, and food would still be good. So that's a really big thing right now here in LA. My name is Charlene Dunbar. I would describe myself as a designer. I'm all about celebrating African. Can design really bringing that aesthetic that's about effortless chic. Atlanta's really a great mix of cultures. You've got the African community, Indian community. You've got Latin communities. So I think that mixture of cultures really speaks to me as a designer. The way I Continue to go further, and just really hanging out with other people who stretch my thinking. Spending time with them helps me to be open to things that will push my business forward. My name is Melissa Mitchell. If I had to describe myself as a creative professional, I would love to call myself a creator So I create everything that is inside of me and give it to you. Art for me is how I am able to go further and to do more, so it's a great time to be an artrepreneur. I say that all the time because I'm an artist and I'm also an entrepreneur. And so from festivals, from different events, TV shows, and then using social To me there is always opportunity to grow your business. Atlanta is the birthplace of the dreamers. What's up everybody it's your girl Loni Love here in Atlanta for the Essence My City Four Ways presented by Ford Motor Company. We are having a great time out here, because my city four ways presents the best of Atlanta's food, music, art, and style, which is great. Plus, we have celebrities, you could do a Ford Ride & Drive. If you want to know more about it, go to the hashtag #myfordcity, find out more about it, because we might be coming to your city. I'm Loni Love, catch you on the real. I'll see you next time. I think it brings a lot of joy to your life. For me, if I'm having a crummy day, just to put on a dope shirt or some cute shoes, I get extra pep in my step. It makes me happy. It makes me happy, it gives me joy. Clothes make me happy, but I think also outside of fashion, I think that personalities, Says a lot. Yes. You know, feeling like a star has a lot to do with inner confidence. Yes. I mean there's so many different things. Well I think that's why people relate to you, cuz I think you own it. Cuz you can do it, I totally can do it as well. I love, see I love that I do that. You know, sometimes it just takes someone being kinda wild, wearing crazy shoes to like [UNKNOWN] you like I wanna write that. You gotta have to design your life. Okay? You have to co author it. Yeah. Showing who you are to the world. It's really helped me to- So speaking of designing your life tell me about the time you pivoted from being a stylist into other areas? Aah! I'm about to get some of this business to- [CROSSTALK] I need some business teaching! She's like hash it out, hash it out. [MUSIC]

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Singer Algebra Blessett, Chef Willie Wallace, Fashion Designer Charlene Dunbar and Visual Artist Melissa Mitchell discuss their creative inspiration and the impact Atlanta has had on their work.

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