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[MUSIC] When you're running an organization and your running your business and a million and one things are happening, you have to take the time out for yourself. You know that you have worked diligently, you plan strategically, and you deserve to treat yourself. My name is Eveline Pierre, I'm the executive director and founder of the Haitian Heritage Museum. We wanted to highlight what Haiti is going to the future, and we created a program called IET expose, where we went into the schools to teach the kid how to be self-empowered. And basically having a cultural backdrop Infused in their education. Both my mom and my grandmother, they were very strong-minded women, secure and empowered. They were not the norm for their time. They taught me a lot and were entrepreneurs. They were like [UNKNOWN] Need to do whatever you want to do. They were just very comfortable in their skin, and they did not allow limitations. For me I felt like they setup the blue print. You have to be secure and confident. You're mindset has a lot to do with who you are and what points you're trying to get across. We're not waiting for people to give you permission. You know what? I'm not going to come back tomorrow, I'm going to start my own company. So the new normal is that we're not taking no for an answer. We are fearless women, and we are breaking all barriers. Starting a museum, it's like a start up and it never sets you up for what it's really going to be. The first three years, we didn't take a salary. We took all of our savings, both me and my cofounder, we put it into the museum. But you want to make sure that you plan for that. You need to have expert advice. I definitely became very economical. There was no way you were gonna keep the doors open and Still be able to have that same lifestyle that you were accustomed too. I really believe that it made me a very stronger, wiser person and I wouldn't change that for anything. So at the very tail end of the third year everything kind of went on an upswing. We got the space. Things turned around. Taking a risk really prepared me to move forward and grow. The impact that I want to leave in this world is that, I want people to remember this girl. That grew up right in little Haiti who parents didn't have much but installed in her that you can do great things and you can change the world. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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