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[MUSIC] Children, food, and holidays. Those are three words that really go together. I'm here with. Adanna from Rattles and Heels. And we're gonna talk about how to get children more involved in making food. How important do you think it is to get children involved in cooking? It's a tradition at my house. My mom comes over and the kids and I and my husband, we're all in the kitchen just having a good time listening to Caribbean music, and we're all cooking. What advice would you give to parents who are struggling to get their children involved in cooking food with them? I think just getting them in the kitchen with you, even if they're just playing around, they're going to get more, Interested just by watching you. Mm. Absolutely. I have made this mac and cheese. It's so tasty. Mac and cheese is a real favorite in my house, and I like to hid veg in it. So the great thing about this is I get all my ingredients from Walmart, the fresh spinach, and they have a great selection of cheeses like risotto, parmesan, cheddar, So much more. There's so many other vegetables you can add as well. And it's great to have that rainbow of colors. I think children just find it so much more appealing, and are much more likely to eat it. Yes, absolutely, I agree. My son is a really picky eater, and I think that he would love it, when he sees all the different colors. [MUSIC] So will you join me in eating this? I'd love to try it. Great, let's serve it up. Adonna, this to me is the ultimate comfort food. And I love the way that the veggies are hidden inside the mac and cheese. I agree Lorraine. And it's wonderful, you know, we're sitting here, kicking back, relaxing. Perfect for the holidays. So Adonna, the big question of the day [MUSIC] Would your son approved? Yes this is a winner. Perfect.

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