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[MUSIC] Ladies and fellas, I present the Essence Closet Crush Award to the fabulous Gabrielle Union. To me is validation for what really goes on in my closet. [MUSIC] Oh hey. You ready for a tour? Come on in. Hey, I'm JaKissa Taylor-Semple, but most of you guys know me as [MUSIC] D.J. Kiss and this is how I crush my closet. I have always been into fashion. From the time I little girl I loved clothes, I always wanted to pick out my own outfits So, when I became a DJ it was just sort of a natural progression that I started to pay a little bit more attention to what I wear. nd, it's really a part of the experience. I want to come, I want to look great, I want to sound great so fashion really helps me do that. I love going on blogs just as much as the next person and seeing people, what the latest thing is. Not everything works on every body and that was something I learned a long time ago. So I kind of have my own little style, I just stick to that. I cannot get dressed unless this closet is clean. Just organization helps me figure things out, I kind of know where everything is. So when I go to put together a look it helps when everything is kind of spread out and it's organized. But of course maybe I'll put my favorite pieces to the top. My pink, [UNKNOWN], bell sleeved dress. I also love this dress by [UNKNOWN] and it's like, very futuristic. It's fitted with really exaggerated hips. I'm really fortunate my husband and I found a three bedroom. So, I had the extra space, and for a while just removed the guest room. I always dreamed of having a really beautiful custom closet. So, I started doing some research, and I figured out that you can actually use your walls. You can use bookshelves, you can use hanging rods, and really kind of create a custom feel. It really is just about carving out a person's space. I really do appreciate it and love it and it helps me stay sane in this freezing New York City life. [MUSIC] Jewelry is really tough to keep organized, and you kind of got to be dedicated. I found these great drawers and I just really organized everything by piece. I have all my cuffs, all my bracelets and stuff together. Go no, my husband and I got a place in LA earlier this year, and my main thing, like a first priority for me, was really duplicating this closet. I love Home Depot. I really like to go to the functional aspect But also I love decor and I love beautiful things so you know Home Depot I can just get lost in there. I love the silver racks that I have in this closet so I went to the Home Depot in LA, they didn't have them but the salesperson said order them online and it was fabulous. They were delivered to me like in a couple of days. It was so much better, I didn't have to lug everything back like it just Showed up on my doorstep. So now you know how I crushed my closet. See? Easy peasy. Well thanks for coming, see you later. [MUSIC]

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