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[MUSIC] This is Gabi from Gabifresh at the Street Style Awards to reveal the custom 2015 Chevrolet Cruze Wraps [UPBEAT_MUSIC] I'm here with Kimberly Goldson. Kimberly how did you feel when you first saw your custom rap Beverly Cruise? I was so blown away when I first saw the car. To see it come to life from on screen and in person, on a car. It's just a humbling surreal moment. Is there a specific part of your design that really stands out or is specifically meaningful for you? Actually, it would have to be the Brooklyn Bridge being infused into it because I am a Brooklyn girl born and raised. When I took the cover off it was the first time that I actually. To seen it myself. So you know working on it for months and to, To see it I was blown away. Is there one specific part of your design that really stands out? Or is specifically meaningful for you? Yeah, basically, Decoded in the actual print, Is my parents date of birth. To have that be a part of it makes it even that much more special, so I really hold that near and dear. I really love the roof of the car. I hand wrote my inspiration that goes along with the theme of the car. It's sorta surreal to see a design that you make on the computer, all small, to all of a sudden be this grand, amazing thing. That wraps it up here at the Street Style Awards. Be sure to check out the 2015 Chevrolet Cruise. [MUSIC]