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Hi, this is Gabi from Gabi Fresh here on the red carpet at the Essence freestyle awards brought to you by Chevrolet. [MUSIC] Tonight is so special because they're honoring such great icons in fashion and we're really celebrating street style which is really where it all. Begins. [MUSIC] What's your favorite thing about street style? Just the sense of expression. I mean there are no rules in the street. [MUSIC] How did you feel when you saw your Chevy Chic revealed today? I was just in shock and awe. What type of woman do you see driving the Chevy Cruz? Kind of a get it done, you know, sophisticated. All about work and lifestyle and having it all together. What makes tonight so special? It's pretty amazing to be honored for this award on a special day like this, and from a magazine that I grew up reading. [MUSIC] Welcome to our first annual street style award. It's the only way to really kick off fashion. Especially cuz it's us. It's a celebration of us and the style that is so true and unique to us. The icons that we are honoring tonight. You know, we watch them. The readers watch them. And they are truly to be celebrated. They're not trend followers. They're trendsetters and so yeah. We're here to say so. We're here tonight to honor. Our closet crush, Tracee Ellis Ross. Our designer to watch, Azede Jean-Pierre. Our style disruptor, June Ambrose. A true curator of cool, we have fashion blogger and photographer [MUSIC] New Macpherson. We also want to acknowledge the winner of our street style maven award, Janelle Lloyd. Just wanna say thank you to Effin Scheshevy for supporting fashion bloggers. Oh my gosh, well it's exciting to come out and just celebrate these awesome. Style, icons, and Essence is doing this. It's the first awards dinner, which I think is really exciting. We're celebrating fashionable women, and I think New York is such a great style city that you can do anything. I think the women that are being honored here tonight all have such a great, unique sense of style. [MUSIC] That wraps it up here. We saw some amazing fashion today. Thanks for joining us at the Essence Street Style Awards! [MUSIC]
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