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[MUSIC] My name is Ashley Ryles. My brand is called AR'Ryles. I've been designing for a while, but I haven't, I say gambled on myself until about two years ago. The fact that I got laid off of my job pushed me into creating a [UNKNOWN], and I felt as though that I wanted to expound upon my passion. [MUSIC] The design of the cruise inspires me in creating the design For my collection because it's not only very sleek, it has all the curves in the right places and I feel like how the line across the door wraps around the car is how I want the seam to wrap across the front of bust of the jumper. And I feel like a woman wearing this, you know getting out of the Chevy Cruze It feels confident, it's effortless. And the back maybe the clean lines and the stitching I love cap stitching when it comes to designs. I would never run out of creativity. It's one of the first vehicles that has wi-fi access, who wouldn't want that could you imagine maybe going on a trip with family or friends and always being connected. [MUSIC] A meeting with Ron Bass I am definitely looking forward to picking his brain- And what are you doing here? I am working on Chevy cruise [UNKNOWN] collection professionally. Oh wow, I know how fun that could be. This was you the same time last year. It definitely was,it was an amazing experience. Experience, and I'm looking forward to see how yours come to life. I started sketching, and, of course, I've gone online to the Chevy Cruz site, and I'm definitely inspired so far by color. Be free. Be wild. Do whatever it takes to get your idea across. You're taking me around New York, right? Definitely. Some of the places that inspire me most in New York. You got walking shoes? Let's get it. I definitely do. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Why the bridge has inspired you? The lines, as far as like, structure and every time I see it I find something new. You know, a new line. Something else I can emulate and relate the flows. Tell me, how do you stay authentic? I think that when you find reputation in a process That's how you can remain offensive. Keep that. That optimism is what will help you build and grow your brand. And now I wanna take you to one of the next places, the meat packing business. [MUSIC] I love the meat packing district. My favorite designers are here, for example Diana von Furtstenberg, and [UNKNOWN] Williamson, it's ever-changing which is innovative, which allows me to be innovative because I'm inspired by something new. That's inspiring, I'm gonna have to take that [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] One of the last things, but one of the many, that inspired me [UNKNOWN] is fabric so let's go look at some material one of my favorite fabrics. Cool you want to lead the way? Let's go. [MUSIC] This is elegant fabric this is one of the fabric stores that I usually go to, to get my inspiration. After you. Thank you. [MUSIC] You see something today that when you come here now These fabrics. I know one of the reason why I chose these kinda reminds me of the [UNKNOWN]. For all these planned, do you do the same thing, and if so which piece here. Oh for sure, this here kinda take me to the [UNKNOWN] almost directly but then I can see how also it can be fun This one here, I think, will take me to the bridge with the lines and the bridge being maybe a little bit bronze or gold or metallic. I think we've found some really good fabric. I'm definitely excited to get started. Just five pieces, let me see if I can narrow it down. That's fresh? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] It's very important to stay positive. Believe in yourself because even though you may not see the growth, someone else needs to see the growth, just like this opportunity here. Oh. I'm getting emotional. This really means that like if you have a dream, follow it. Sorry. [MUSIC]

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Ashley Ryles, up-and-coming designer and CEO of ARRYLES Clothing, worked with ESSENCE and Chevy to create a capsule collection that will be revealed at the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party on September 13, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Take a look at her journey.