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Oh yeah. [MUSIC] Hello, everyone. Today is finally here. My name is Ashley Ryles and we're here at the Essence Street Style Block Party. And I'm here to reveal my [UNKNOWN] collection. My name is Sharlene Dunbar, and I'm the designer for Suakoko Betty, and I'm here to share My Chevy chic capsule collection. I really wanted to play with mesh. It's a different texture. And I had to do some trial and error. But I'm really pleased with how some of the different materials turned out. Today at the Street style block party. I definitely look forward to people just appreciating the detail and the time I spent in designing this collection. [UNKNOWN] was one of my favorite designers for the evening. I loved her pieces, I loved her jumpsuit, it was really great. I love Charlene's designs, because they had traditional cuts but with a modern edge. The patterns were bold and really chic. [MUSIC] Ros mentoring definitely assist me in creating this collection cause there's one thing I remember him saying. And it was design without limits. And that's exactly what I did. So I just wrapped up a runway show with my collection inspired by the Chevy Cruise and it was amazing, I mean really We got a second idea and a sketch on the paper to see it on stage, and just really hear the audience reaction was great. I just want to thank Essence and Chevy for this amazing opportunity, it's been great. Being part of the Chevy Essence street fab lap party has defiantly ignited a flame, thank you, thank you thank you. Essence is a bold standard for style for black women, and just to be a part of this, to show my [UNKNOWN] collection, huge deal. [MUSIC]
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